Playing Billiards With Kids: Great Benefits That You Don�t Know

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Playing Billiards With Kids

Pool is always an enjoyable game for people of all ages and ability levels, including children. However, many parents don’t want their kids to play Pool, because they think that this game can be harmful to children. This is definitely a wrong perception. In reality, playing billiards can bring many positive advantages to your kids if you teach and play with them in the correct ways. It may be a fantastic way to form friendships, learn some geometry, and begin developing abilities that will last a lifetime for anyone who can grasp a cue and reach up onto the table. In addition, playing billiards with kids can bring many great benefits that you don’t know.

Have fun

First and foremost, each child needs to have fun while playing. And billiards is the perfect game for that. Just watch any child’s reaction when they discover a pool table full of balls. They will go insane, touch them, and implore you to play a game with them. It’s a very addicting, dynamic, and unexpected game with no two games ever being the same. Therefore, it is a funny and enjoyable game for kids.

Build a bond with your kids

Playing billiards with kids can be an excellent way to connect with them. At small ages, kids can have many problems that they can not solve by themselves. Your kids may have a hard day at school or are dealing with a difficult situation at home, but they can not find any moment to share or simply they don’t want to share with adults. Many parents find it difficult to talk to their kids since they don’t understand what their kids are thinking. When playing pool together, you can use the time and space to speak while remaining occupied and playing a fun game, they will be more willing to talk and happy to confide with you.

Improve hand-eye coordination

The same to adults, playing billiards can help kids improve hand-eye coordination. When they play, they use their vision (to aim), their arm (to hold and balance the cue), and their support hand to make a triple connection (which contains the tip, and the arrow). This will aid them in coordinating all of their other everyday duties.

Improve memory

Billiards encourages us to notice and correlate a variety of elements, including ball color and number, plays, game regulations, and strokes. As a result, it is a fantastic approach to training our brains to memorize and integrate information, especially for kids.

Learn discipline, respect, and honesty

Billiards is associated with several important life qualities. The vast majority of billiards players are honest and respectful. It means praising an opponent’s good shot, singing a foul committed even if no one else has seen it, or respecting the opponent’s turn by being calm and silent. Children discover a world of honesty, discipline, and respect when they enter the realm of Pool.

Improve decision making skill

You must always strategize and make decisions while playing a game. Should I toss this ball or the other? Do I sign up for that or that? Where am I going to start my journey into the unknown? Do I assault or defend? Is it better to take a strong or a soft shot? Your youngster will gradually learn to make those selections and will get better and faster at it. Logic dictates that you will take the wrong path several times. And that is the best that could happen to your kids.

Improve cognitive ability

Learn physics and mathematics

This game is full of physical laws and mathematical formulas. Your children will learn to calculate distances, forces, speeds, and parabolas while playing billiards. They’ll also discover that when you strike white in the center, it doesn’t bounce the same as when you hit it on the side. They’ll learn that if they want to push it back, they must hit it down, and if they want to carry it forward, they must hit it up. What was tedious in class might be entertaining around the dinner table.

Suitable ages for playing billiards

Kids can start playing billiards in the simplest way as holding the balls without a stick. However, the best age to start is considered five years old, according to Ewa Mataya Laurance, the world billiards champion. She also believes that at first, it is best to let children shoot without the cue ball and simply practice pocketing balls without any regulations. You can teach them a simple game like a straight pool or 8-ball pool once they’ve played freestyle for a while.


In general, playing billiards with kids can bring huge benefits to them. It can help them build up some important skills in life. More than that, when you play with your kids, jokes are shared, communication improves, laughs are guaranteed, and family memories are formed. Communication and connections created while playing together help families build a strong, healthy foundation. Therefore, if you are wondering whether to let your kids play billiards, just go ahead, buy a suitable pool table, a cue for kids at Pearson Cues, and start playing with your kids at home.

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