Reasons You Should Study Music

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There is a notion about students and parents that one should only study music when they have an innate gift for the craft. This isn’t necessarily true as you don’t have to be extremely gifted in order to pursue music as a career. Anyone can study music and get good at it provided they’re willing to put in the work. In this post, we’re going to explore some of the reasons why you should be studying music.

Creative Outlet

A lot of people will find a way of channeling their creative outlet by playing a musical instrument or by singing. You might not even know you have a gift for composing until you actually start with the process. There are musical schools such as River Ridge School of Music & Dance that helps students discover their potential in music.

Helps With Emotional Expression

Studies have shown that children that play an instrument are adequately equipped to express themselves emotionally. This is an important trait that will come handy for the majority of situations in life. Young children are known to be sensitive to the sound of the music. Happy music will obviously have an influence on the emotions of an individual and it is even more powerful to the person that is playing the instrument. Experts recommend studying happy music first before anything else as they leave one in a good mood.

Makes You Smart

There have been numerous studies that have been conducted on the effects of music on the brain. Nearly all of them tend to agree that music can actually make someone smarter. There are certain parts of the brain that will develop when playing music or composing. Music training is also known to develop the left side of the brain that is responsible for communication and learning of new languages.


For one to master an instrument, they’ll have to be consistent with learning. This will require a great amount of discipline and dedication. It will be hard to get good at music if you’re not committed to honing your skills. Practice makes perfect and to learn music, you must appreciate the importance of being consistent. This will instill discipline in you which will be reflected in other spheres of life as well.

Sense of Achievement

As humans, we’re always seeking validation. When you learn to play an instrument, there is a great sense of achievement as it is not a mere feat. There are a lot of people that have fully dedicated their lives to music. From music production to teaching, there is an abundance of options if you’d like to pursue music as an option. There is no greater sense of satisfaction than deriving pleasure from what you love doing.

Stress Relief

 A lot of people will want to listen to soft and calming music when they’re stressed. Music is known to balance energy and can help to get back in sync with your balanced self in case you’re stressed out. It can help in triggering the brain cells to assume the role of small rechargeable batteries. It is therapeutic on so many levels and you never know how impactful it can be until you’re the one at the end of the music instrument.

Improves Handwriting

You can drastically improve your handwriting by playing a musical instrument. The piano, for example, requires hand coordination to get the keys right. The same can be said for the guitar. It is as if the hand has been restructured and you’re bound to see almost an immediate improvement with the handwriting by simply picking up an instrument.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or an expert, there will always be something to learn. There are music schools that cater for every level of expertise. You just need to make sure that you’re getting the right school if you’re to see an improvement with the musical abilities. There will always be a music course that fits your needs, it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro.

To Sum it Up

Studying music should be a no brainer if you’re looking to improve the functionality of the brain. It makes you smarter and less stressed because there will be a creative outlet that you can take advantage of. When it comes to learning, there are a ton of resources out there, both free and paid which you can take advantage of if you’re looking to improve yourself as a musician. The most important thing is that you’re starting.

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