Signs Your Relationship May Be Over

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More often than not, the goal of a couple in every relationship is to stay together for as long as they could, possibly even forever. But we all know there’s no perfect relationship and, sometimes, couples break up because of their own reasons. 

But how do you know if your relationship is on a downhill spiral and may soon be over? Let’s look at the following signs:

Sudden Changes In Communication

Any sudden or gradual changes in communication, or the way both parties interact, could be a sign of a marred relationship. This could also be an indicator that the relationship would soon be over. While open communication is highly recommended, loss of trust and confidence in the relationship usually results in hiding one’s feelings. 

This can cause one or both parties to avoid communicating with each other in order to avoid conflict. However, the more the issue remains unaddressed, the more it becomes harder for the couple to mend their relationship, eventually resulting in a breakup. 

While social media and other digital platforms have helped people show love and intimacy, these have also allowed them to come up with new ways to avoid the emotional turmoil of breakups. To recover from a breakup using digital means isn’t unheard of these days, though the informality of the breakup may impact a person differently from the rest.

Here are some examples of new ways people deal with breakups:

  • Ghosting: This involves ending a relationship suddenly. Usually, the relationship ends without explanation, and all forms of communication are withdrawn.
  • Orbiting: It’s a new breakup habit wherein a person still watches the social media of his or her ex. Anne Lovine coined the term “orbiting” in The Man Repeller, which is a way of keeping a previous relationship within the individual’s orbit.
  • Submarining: As a type of ghosting, submarining involves cutting all lines of communication with a person who somebody is dating or courting. The difference is that, in submarining, the person who ghosted pops up again after weeks, months, or even years of cutting off all communication and ties.

Can’t Make Time

Breakups are becoming more prevalent in this modern, highly digital society. While social media and mobile communication apps make it easy for people to connect wherever they are, a person who can’t make time to call, text, or have a short chat could mean something. Sadly, it could mean the person wants to be out of the relationship. 

Not being able to make time because of several reasons such as being busy or having schedules that don’t match may mean that one half of the party is losing interest in the relationship. In some cases, a compromise can be achieved, but if one person keeps making excuses pertaining to time, it might be because they don’t feel as invested in the relationship anymore. Proper communication should be the key to fixing this issue.

Here are some examples of situations wherein people can’t make time for a relationship: 

  • Newly Promoted: A new promotion would mean more responsibilities, and less time could be dedicated to the relationship. At this point, the partner’s full support is needed instead of them complaining that the other has no time to spend in the relationship. Soon enough, as your partner gets used to their new responsibilities and learns how to manage time in their new position, you’ll enjoy quality time together more than you can imagine. However, when things get worse and total lack of time sets in, the relationship may become wobbly and fail.
  • Life Crisis: A death in the family, bankruptcy, or contracting a debilitating disease may cause an individual to spend less time in a relationship. A person may even willingly withdraw making contact because of a major life event. This is when they need love and support. However, when such situations can strain a relationship, causing it to break apart. 

Loss Of Interest

When one person loses interest in a relationship, a breakup could be the result. While there are people who prefer gentle breakup, others want a burst of truth to avoid prolonging their agony. Breakups could result in feelings of sadness and depression. That’s why handling a breakup should involve a strong coping mechanism. 

So, what are the signs that a person has lost interest in their partner? 

  • Refusal to do activities you previously both enjoy together.
  • Hiding secrets from one another or not giving thorough details of an event or gathering they attended.
  • Your partner seems disengaged from listening or answering your questions. 

Final Thoughts

Most people commonly experience the signs that a relationship may be over as shared above. Of course, every relationship is as unique as the people that compose them. Before you make any assumptions, you need to carefully assess the status of your relationship. If your partner can’t make time or is too busy, or they seem to be losing interest in you, talking about these issues and coming to a resolution is very important. Also, you can seek expert help as needed to save your relationship. 

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