Why Breakups Are Prevalent in Modern Society

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Despite today’s easy access to dating sites and mobile apps, breakups are becoming quite prevalent in our modern era. Modern technology has provided us with the means to better understand each other and to stay connected. Ironically, when it comes to romantic relationships, it seems to have an opposite effect. There’s certainly a link between our modern-day habits and why failed relationships are becoming more common. Read on to learn more.

Lack of Time

Because of how harsh our current economy is to the majority of us, most individuals have to work over-time or find themselves compelled to work more than one job to cover their living expenses. Unless you have the same shifts as your partner, you’re likely only able to see them on your days off. A relationship takes more than a weekend to connect, and this may drive people to drift off eventually.

On the other hand, some individuals find it difficult to make time for their partners, even when they do have some extra time on their hands. This is likely because they’re so invested in their day jobs to the point that they crave some alone-time to recharge and unwind. While a relationship can be fulfilling, socializing today can be draining, simply because we have little time to ourselves, let alone to our significant others.

Egocentric Thinking

Ego can be a man’s worst enemy, and it tends to be less common in women. Men can invest time, effort, and money in their relationship, which may drive them to expect investment in the same currency; however, women tend to invest in relationships in more sentimental terms and can be more emotionally sacrificial. This usually drives men to presume that their partners are not as invested in the relationship. Such a misconception is common amongst individuals who tend to be misguided by egocentric thinking, which makes them fail to see the other party’s sacrifices, and they consequently end up leaving behind a promising relationship.


It’s natural for both parties in a relationship to be on guard. No one is without insecurities, and it’s common for a poor self-image to alter an individual’s attitude in a relationship. Relationship counselors at https://getherbackguide.com explain that men tend to shower women with compliments and gifts in an attempt to secure the relationship, which usually drives women to feel that the interaction is unhealthy or staged.

Women, on the other hand, can become jealous if their partner has attractive female friends, which can then fuel arguments that lead to breakups. That said, modern media can make partners more self-conscious, as they tend to compare themselves to conventionally attractive celebrities. Couples may also compare what they have to what the media portrays as an ideal relationship, which usually sets unrealistic expectations for both parties.


Our modern era makes it seem like a romantic relationship is a must-have life-fulfillment. While that may be true to an extent, it may drive people to seek relationships just for the sake of them. Individuals should not be focused on pursuing partners in fear of being alone, because this usually ends up in a relationship with the wrong person. Incompatible couples usually have frequent arguments, and the relationship tends to end prematurely. This can negatively affect both parties by making them lose hope in finding the right partner, especially if this experience is repeated.


On another note, the media can have a completely opposite effect on both parties in a relationship because jealous women are frowned upon. Women may suppress their emotions in an attempt to appear like the perfect partner. They may also seek non-confrontational methods of communication, which may drive the other party to presume that they are complacent or apathetic.

Men can do the same, while they may also suppress their emotional needs, seeing as they want to appear macho to their partners. In modern society, it’s common to see a seemingly perfect couple, where in reality, both parties keep their concerns to themselves, which eventually backfires when one or both parties have had enough.

Our busy schedules may be one of the primary reasons why making a relationship work is so challenging today. However, our profuse reliance on social media can give us the wrong idea about what an ideal relationship entails. This can drive us to become dissatisfied with what we have, which later leads to break-up regret. Other than making time for your relationship, you need to avoid suppressing any emotions or hiding any concerns from your partner. And if you and your partner decide that you’re not compatible, a mutual separation may be in your best interest.

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