Skin Cleansing With A Fresh Tattoo: The Ultimate Guide

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Fresh Tattoo

As far as getting a new tattoo is concerned, many tattoo artists have different, sometimes contrasting views on how to best care for your new tattoo. This also includes different views on which soap is most suitable to use on your new tattoo.

That’s precisely why it is pertinent to shed light on which soap is best as regards caring for your tattoo, once and for all. So if you want some guidance on this topic, don’t hesitate to keep reading!

What Is the Best Soap to Use for a Tattoo?

To provide a very short, simple answer, it’s recommended to use a mild, neutral, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, natural soap. Yet, it’s helpful to give you a little more explanation about why these kinds of soaps are best.

Concretely, these kinds of soap are also prescribed for people that have sensitive skin because they are so gentle on your skin. It goes without saying that when you have just gotten a new tattoo, gentle soap is absolutely perfect.

Gentle Soap is Best

Namely, when you have just gotten a tattoo, this basically entails that you have an open wound on your skin and thus, your skin is extremely vulnerable. Hence, a soap with a skin-friendly pH level is definitely the way to go in this aspect.

A neutral soap implies that the soap is fragrance-free and alcohol-free. Thus, neutral soap doesn’t contain any aggressive, chemical compounds and that’s exactly what’s to strive for. That is, such aggressive elements can cause irritation to normal skin so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that these can cause extreme irritation to your skin when it’s freshly tatted.

Especially soaps with heavy fragrances are to be avoided at all costs because these will prove to be very detrimental to the healing process of your tattoo.

Check for All-Natural Ingredients

Also crucial is that you opt for an all-natural soap using natural ingredients. This will soften, protect, nourish and support your skin by speeding up the skin recovery in a very natural way. Due to the natural ingredients, such soap will provide a protective layer on your skin while still letting your skin breathe to the fullest extent. This won’t only allow your skin to recover remarkably fast, but it will also ensure that your tattoo will heal beautifully so you can experience the best results.

Also useful in this department if you could opt for an anti-bacterial soap that has disinfectant capabilities. This will ensure that you’re best protected against bacteria and germs entering your skin because as mentioned before, a new tattoo results in an open wound on your skin.

As a last remark with regard to the most appropriate soap for your tattoo, it should be mentioned that nowadays, there are soaps available on the market typically intended for tattoo care.

Keeping a New Tattoo Clean & Speedy Healing

Now, it’s not only useful to know which kind of soap is best to use on a tattoo. More generally, it’s of utmost importance that you know how to care for your tattoo and maintain good hygiene simultaneously. When it comes to washing yourself with soap, you should, for instance, also know how to apply the soap.

Cleaning Frequency

Particularly, it’s recommended to wash one time a day. When you do so, make sure that you use lukewarm water together with the above-mentioned neutral and natural soap.

While washing, please remember to not touch the tattoo too much with your hands, because this will increase your risk of infections. Also, don’t use a washcloth or towel directly on your tattoo because this might cause a considerable amount of irritation.

Post-Bathing Ointment

After showering, it’s suggested to apply a thin layer of ointment especially designed to care for tattoos onto your tattoo. This will also significantly help in the healing process.

Wrapping Up

Finally, even though it is most crucial to use the above-described neutral, natural soap in the days immediately after getting your tattoo, it doesn’t hurt to keep using that after these first days as well. Remember: it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!

All in all, it’s essential that you invest a lot of time, effort, and care into this entire process of washing. Through this process, you can get rid of any remaining blood, ink, and wound fluids to avoid ugly crusts from developing around your tattoo.

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