Spanish Traditional Food and the Dishes that Make Your Mouth Water

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Spanish food

Spain is a country known for its traditions. From its dedication to sports such as soccer, art, history, culture, and extreme pass times such as bullfighting, the traditions are everywhere you look. And this is no different when it comes to food. Traditions are strong and this is shown in the diet.

Yes, Spanish food is distinctive and has its own feel. Whereas some countries are known for their music, fast roads, and or extreme climates and landscapes, Spain is known for her food.

Spanish Cooking

One of the reasons food in Spain is so revered is that it varies from region to region with great debates on the right way to make a certain dish. Spanish cooking tends to centre on the Mediterranean diet using fresh ingredients packed with flavor.

So with this strong Spanish food culture, what dishes should you try? Read on to find out.

Tortilla de patatas

The tortilla de patatas or Spanish omelette is Spain’s national dish. It is made from potatoes and eggs and there are strong opinions on whether onion should be used.

Whether onions are used or not this particular food from Spain is believed to be best served slightly moist with the center a tad undercooked. It is also known as a Spanish tortilla. Whatever you’re calling it, how you make it, one thing is for certain: When made correctly it is delicious!


Said to originate from Valencia a city on Spain’s east coast, Paella is a mixture of seafood and rabbit combined with rice. The dish is hugely popular throughout the country and it is said that paella was originally made with snails and water vole. Non-Spanish natives are sometimes put off by the burnt rice around the edge. Talk to any Spaniard and they will tell you this is the best part!

Jamón Iberico

Jamón Iberico is the most famous of Spain’s cured meats. The pigs that the meat is taken from are fed acorns in the latter part of their life to give the meat a nutty flavor. To prepare the pig further the hind legs are salted and air-dried for a year and a half.

The meat is delicious and distinctive and features strongly in Spanish cooking.


Another cured meat that features strongly in the Spanish diet and is a firm part of Spain’s food culture is chorizo. It is a versatile cured meat that is used in everyday Spanish cooking. Dishes such as patatas a la Riojana and chorizo a la sidra are traditional Spanish staples in the diet. The dried version of chorizo is used in sandwiches or to complement tapas. Like other foods from Spain, it is versatile and used often in Spanish cooking.

Spain Food Culture

The food culture of Spain is diverse, interesting, and packed with different flavors. It is a country worth visiting for its food and indeed many of the big cities such as Barcelona will take you on food tours of the city.

What is particularly interesting is tasting the same dish from different regions. Enjoy your exploration of Spanish traditional food.

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