Spring Cleaning In and Outside of Your Home

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spring cleaning can involve planting flowers

There’s only 15 days until Spring… are you as excited as I am? I know I’m ready for the beautiful, colorful spring flowers and a few rainy days, too. May be weird, but I don’t mind a nice rainy day sometimes… like they say, April Showers Bring May Flowers. 🙂

Since Spring is on the way I know a lot of people who are thinking about things they need to be done/around their house. Spring Cleaning inside is a ritual for us. This year I’m going to donate a bunch of clothes that my husband and I no longer wear. We know there’s others out there that would really appreciate them. We would donate our daughter’s, but since we’re not done having children, we want to keep them in case we have anymore girls.

As far as outside of the house, Spring is a fantastic time to get some things done since it’s warmer out and you won’t be freezing or out in the blistering heat. Here are just a few ideas for some things you can do to spruce up your home:

  • Paint House – Painting your house is perfect this time, I think. It gives you a fresh coat to look at during the warm summer months and will definitely make your house look great.
  • Replacement Windows – If you have older windows, it may be the time to look into replacing them. I think it’s better to do this now, during spring, than to do it later so it’s not hot as can be or colder out.
  • Declutter Garden Beds – Clear out those weeds from last year and take out those dead flowers that won’t re-bloom from the year before. Just having a clean garden bed can make such a big difference!
  • Plant Flowers – If you want to add some color to the outside of your home, flowers are definitely the way to go. There’s nothing better than seeing lovely flowers growing. Really spruces up your home.
  • Vegetable Garden

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  1. Thanks for giving amazing ideas to do more spruce my home. I totally agree with you that Spring is a fantastic time to do lots more.

  2. Late spring and early summer are the ideal times to replace a new window.


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