Spring Cleaning Your Vehicle

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Spring Cleaning Your Car

If you saw my post earlier this week about Spring Cleaning the outside of your home, you will probably like this post. Today I will be talking about cleaning your car. If you are spring cleaning, you might as well do your car as well! I know I always feel better when my car is clean and ready to go for warmer weather. Here are a few tips of things you can do to prepare for warmer days so you can roll that window down and enjoy yourself during rides:

  • De-clutter your car – The first step, of course, would to be to get rid of all that trash from your drive-thru runs through Burger King or Chick-Fil-A. It’s amazing how fast that trash can pile up, isn’t it? I believe it’s because we don’t spend most of our time in our car, so we’re not constantly looking at it, like we are in our home.
  • Vacuum – Vacuum up that salt that you tracked in from the winter and any leaves from the fall. There’s nothing like fresh, clean floors, even in your car!
  • Tune Up – If you know someone who knows a lot about cars, consider asking them to check everything about your car out. If you have to, go to a mechanic (but make sure you check around for prices to get the best deal). If you will be going away for spring break or during summer, this is definitely a Must Do. Making sure your car is in tip-top shape will take out the fear of breaking down during your vacation – definitely don’t want to put a damper on a good time!
  • Reevaluate Your Car Insurance – You probably would not have thought of this, but now would be a good time to reevaluate your automobile insurance, especially if your policy is about to expire. You may be able to get a cheaper rate with another company. You can never pass up on saving some money!

What do you do to get your car in shape during spring cleaning for warmer weather?

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  1. I love a clean car, my son helps me! Glad to meet you happy WW come visit our WW

  2. My husband really needs t read this his van is just horrible.

  3. Often times when I don’t have time to clean our vehicle, car wash shop is the place I got into. It save my time and energy but not money. So my husband insisted that he will be the one who will do the cleaning, and I guess I better tell him your tips. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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