Stepparent Adoption

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Stepparent reception is an interaction by which a stepparent adopts their spouse’s youngster. Whenever this process is over, the child will get another birth certificate issued and this stepparent now becomes the legal parent of this child in the eyes of the law. The child can also take the new parent’s name or their last name can remain the same. Either way, the stepparent now is the legal father or mother which means they are responsible for decision-making for the child and the child can inherit just like a naturally born child would. 

Stepparents are sometimes a very serious centerpiece of a nuclear family. This is the justification for why stepparent adoption is the most widely recognized type of adoption done in most states. A portion of the advantages of adoptions are that it gives the children a more grounded feeling of having a place and solidness in the current home. Moreover, it gives the stepparent the capacity to play a more dynamic part in the course of bringing up the child. At last, it guarantees the legitimate inheritance privileges in the case of death for one or the other parent, including the right of the youngster to a legacy inheritance from the stepparent.

For stepparent receptions in Alabama, the adoption really cuts off the legitimate parent-child relationship between the child and one of their biological parents. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to get the biological parent to consent. However, getting biological parent(s) to consent to the filing of an adoption can make the process simpler and smoother. This is because the biological parent(s) have every right to be present at the hearing and get notice of the case. If they object, it can usually make the adoption difficult to have granted.

There are a couple of special exceptions to needing the biological parent to sign a consent. For example: 

  1. Whenever the other biological parent is deceased.
  2. The biological parent’s parental privileges have been terminated.
  3. Whenever the biological parent is proven to be unfit.
  4. Whenever the biological parent is proven otherwise by paternity testing.
  5. Whenever the regular parent has surrendered their parental rights to the Department of Human Resources or an authorized reception office.
  6. Whenever the parent abandons the child.
  7. Certain other unusual circumstances that can vary from state to state.

In the event that the other parent won’t assent, or then again in the event that you can’t find them, you can get help from the Court. Since family courts focus on the wellbeing and prosperity of the child, in this event you can present the defense that stepparent adoption is to the greatest advantage of the child. 

Stepparent adoptions can be a fairly smooth process if the biological parent(s) sign consents to the adoption or are not in the child’s life and do not file objections when given proper notice. It is important to get a local adoption attorney where you live since they will know the local courts and can help you navigate the Probate Court’s local rules of procedure. Filing the proper paperwork and ensuring all necessary steps are completed by hiring a Birmingham adoption attorney is always recommended to ensure it goes smoothly.

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