Traveling: Healthy Snacks vs. Airline Food

If you are like most people, you probably have no issues with sticking to your everyday diet plans until it is time to travel. You will probably be spending days beforehand reading motivational articles about how to not fall off the wagon when traveling. You will end up promising yourself that, this time, you will be better and smarter with your choices while away. However, the challenge starts once you set foot on the plane. Your first test will be whether you choose to give in to the usual … [Read more...]

Things To Consider Before Boarding Saudi Arabian Airlines

Saudi Arabia had closed its doors to tourists for a very long time. And now, when the kingdom has allowed traveling and offers budget travel with cheap flights, Saudi Arabia is one of world’s most difficult countries to travel to. However, it is also a country worth exploring. Usually, people imagine a harsh desert but the country is rich in diversity having beautiful beaches, oasis, mountaintops, rivers, and desert. One of the most wondrous parts of Saudi Arabia is Empty Quarter, which is an … [Read more...]

Start of the Right Airport Transfers Here

Often, when we leave for a few days in Rome via a low cost flight, the trip to the nearest airport home costs me more than the flight!How to get to the airport cheaply? What are the possible solutions? What is the least expensive solution? As always, there is no quick fix. Depending on the airport, the duration of your trip, flight times, and other parameters the cheapest option may be different! Just like in the US, blueskylimo does the job fairly well by offering Vail to Aspen Limousine … [Read more...]