The Best Office Looks for Business Women

Office looks for men are quite simple. Women, however, have more options for how they'd like to dress. The right outfit can make you feel powerful, confident, and organized. If you're struggling to think of new looks or you're sick of your usual office outfits, here a few ideas to add to your weekly wardrobe rotation. The Perfect Jacket Having an amazing jacket can do wonders for your wardrobe. You can pair it with a skirt or a great pair of pants. You can buy a jacket in a … [Read more...]

Tips For Earring Care

If you have a beautiful pair of earrings that you love, you want to make sure that you take good care of them. Aside from not losing them, earring care should be on the top of your list. I am excited to share with you some tips for keeping your earrings sparkling whether you have had them a week or 5 years! Take Care Of Your Piercings The first tip, of course, is taking care of your piercings! You cannot wear beautiful earrings unless you have nice, clean piercings! This includes … [Read more...]

Women’s Fashion Trends from the 1940s that Should Comeback in 2020

My definition of a perfect Saturday night involves a cozy blanket, a jar of Nutella and a 1940s classic on my television screen. Yes. Go ahead. Call me a bore and nerd but I wouldn’t change a single thing about my usual weekend ritual.  Whether it’s Citizen Kane, Casablanca or It’s a Wonderful Life -there’s something therapeutic about getting comfy on my sofa and watching iconic flicks from a time long past.  Once you look past the casual misogyny (I mean these movies are from the 1940s), … [Read more...]

Are Designer Handbags Worth the Price?

Designer handbags are a status symbol, a collector's item, a confidence booster, and occasionally an investment piece. Collecting designer handbags can be a fun hobby, but it can also be a huge commitment of both time and money. Many people discuss designer handbags as "investment pieces" but this is an often misunderstood phrase. This does not mean that one should purchase designer handbags in order to sell and make a profit on a later date. Designer handbags, even an authentic Chanel purse, … [Read more...]

Conference Room Chic: How to Dress for a Work Presentation

If you’ve ever had the front-of-the-room scaries, you probably aren’t surprised to learn that as much as 75 percent of the population has a fear of public speaking (glossophobia). So, more than likely, if you’ve been tasked with a presentation or pitch at work, you’re probably experiencing some very real panic. But one of the best ways to crush any big presentation is to get prepared and do everything you can to boost your self-confidence on the day of.  In this guide, we’ll cover … [Read more...]

2020 Fashion Trends & Gifts

Mackage is a paradise for those who don't want to give up anything that loves the latest fashion and trends, our shop gives you the chance to have everything you want at exceptional rates. Fashion & shopping addicted  For those who love fashion, here is a perfect place at “Mackage” with some exclusive ideas for unique gifts, clothing and latest fashion accessories to give to your loved ones, to treat yourself for something you were looking for or explore by dreaming a little. Who … [Read more...]

What Clothes Should I Wear To Practice Yoga?

Have you already learned the benefits of yoga and encouraged you to start your journey to become a “yogi”? Then it was time to prepare to practice yoga with the ideal clothing for this discipline. The clothes you choose can be decisive in the success of your practice because you need it to be comfortable, very elastic and resistant. Comfortable: Ideally, you can focus on the exercise, so any discomfort will get you out of concentration. It is recommended that clothing not be too baggy or … [Read more...]

Tips to Change Your Style and Surprise Your Colleagues

If you found your style, you might want to stick with it. You already feel comfortable with it, and you worry that changing it could lead to mistakes. When you're working in the corporate world, you need to find your style so that it's easy for you to command attention. You want everyone to acknowledge your presence in the room and hear your thoughts.  Although it's great that you finally have your style, it doesn't mean you can't switch things up; perhaps, it's time to consider … [Read more...]