The BEST 10 ONLINE WHOLESALE FASHION Clothing Vendor for Boutiques

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Today, people are too conscious of what they wear than they have ever been before. Thereby, fashion boutiques look for wearables that are trendy, comfy, and within the range of the affordability of their customer. But to offer fashion wear within the range of the affordability of the customer, they need to crack the deal with their wholesale clothing suppliers that enables them to offer competitive rates side by side earn profits.

Fashion wear buyers when spending money to purchase an outfit, other than affordability, consider numerous factors including the cloth quality, color, season, and a lot more. So, brands and boutiques also need to be vigilant when picking up their orders from wholesale sellers.

Read about the following wholesale vendors in the market that will help you boost the performance of your fashion wear business considering all the factors mentioned above.

1.    SHEWIN Wholesale

SHEWIN Wholesale is another eminent name when we talk about wholesale vendors. They offer fashion wear that can satisfy your customers. They post images that illustrate the details of the clothing that you intend to buy in wholesale.

Retailers are very conscious when they have to place an order in a bulk. They need details of cloth, color, quality, durability, and a lot more so that they may not face any loss. That’s why wholesale marketplaces like SHEWIN Wholesale use images and pictures that clearly show the details of the product that you want to buy.

2.    Stylepick

We are living in a time where companies are earning the revenue of millions and billions from eCommerce. And when you are part of this market, look for a wholesale clothing vendor, Stylepick comes out to be one of the most reliable names. They are part of the B2B business community and developed a level of trust among wholesale platforms in the market.

They aim to help boutiques to set fashion trends, increase their orders, and improve monthly and yearly revenue which is only possible when they would get reasonable rates from the wholesale vendors. So, if you want trendy clothes at affordable rates Stylepick is for you.

3.    FashionGo

FashionGo offers wearables for women and kids. From formals to casuals, and from winterwear to swimwear, you can find a range of fashion clothing on this platform. They claim to be available for you 24/7. Retailers can join FashionGo for free and place their orders as and when required.

There are thousands of vendors selling wholesale on this platform. So, retailers will get a wide variety of products and an option to buy from the vendor that offers the best wearables at the best rates.

4.    LAShowroom

As the name indicates, this platform is more like a digital showroom offering a platform to numerous trendy wholesale clothing vendors to showcase their collections. Just like vendors, it is also easy for retailers to find the clothing that they want.

An interesting and lucrative feature for retailers is the buyer’s reward program and access to the images that the retailer can use for marketing.

5.    Boulevard Apparel

There was a time when people used to have two outfits. One used to be outerwear and one was used in daily routine. However, the requirements of modern times are different. Realizing this need of the time, Boulevard Apparel offers a range of classic outerwear.

If you are running a business to offer attractive and trendy outer and formal wear, then Boulevard Apparel is the platform where you can find a range of wearables to get happy customers.

6.    Tasha Apparel

Other than beautiful and trendy clothing, Tasha Apparel gives many reasons to retailers to purchase wholesale from this platform. Free shipping and numerous payment options attract retailers from different regions to place an order at Tasha Apparel.

If you are also looking for wholesale women’s clothing, then Tasha Apparel is a considerable option. There are clothing items that can help you stock your shop and attract maximum customers.

7.    Wholesale Fashion Square

The best thing about Wholesale Fashion Square is that they opt for picking up the clothing and jewelry from the local market. It helps them keep the rates cheaper in comparison to the competitors. So, many retailers get attracted to Wholesale Fashion Square for they get the best rates and the best quality.

Offering cheaper rates never means that they compromise on quality. It is their business strategy that they purchase from the local market that reduces the purchase price for them so that they offer retailers prices that are comparatively less.

8.    CC Wholesale Clothing

The reason for the eminence of CC Wholesale Clothing is the experience that they hold. They started with retail stores and then shifted to their online wholesale business. Thereby, they hold extensive experience when it comes to delivering the order in time, quality of the clothing, and rates.

If you are on a hunt to crack a deal with a vendor that holds experience in the market so that you may not face any hiccups in the delivery of your order, then CC Wholesale Clothing is for you.

9.    Chase USA International Inc

Another experienced wholesale vendor in the market is Chase USA International Inc. They are known for facilitating both large and small customers i.e. they happily take and deliver small and large clothing orders.

So, no matter what is the size of your business, you will be welcomed at Chase USA International Inc. Retailers will also find variety and quality on this online wholesale portal.

10.  Wholesale Central

It is quite an extensive network of sellers, distributors, and retailers where they can not only sell but resale as well. It is more like a directory of vendors offering clothing items. They do not need their customers to register.

Customers have varying choices for clothing and coming up to their expectations is becoming difficult with time because of the competition. You can do business with the vendors mentioned above to satisfy your customer base. 

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