Tips to Keep Family Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

It seems like the cold and flu season is going strong with all that coronavirus outbreak stuff and the flue spreading like crazy, it's no wonder more parents are concerned about ways to keep their family healthy. The cold and flu season strikes about twice a year – when school is back in session and again before spring arrives. During this sickness time, you may wonder what facilities will help when you fall victim to the cold or flu. It's best to keep an eye out on your family before heading … [Read more...]

Why Can Functional Medicine Be The Treatment You Need?

The gradual shift of focus from drug-based approach to healthy lifestyle habits in treatment is a critical development in the field of medical science. Credit for this can go to the growing application of functional medicine. Under the traditional medical system, physicians and specialists take a similar approach by diagnosing illness and prescribing a matching medication. Surgeries became advanced, emergency care improved. But there has been little or no improvement in the chronic ailments and … [Read more...]