Top 6 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy As You Age

It’s easy to take your joints for granted until you start experiencing pain that restrains you from your daily activities. Although you might not recall about them often, your knees, hips and other joints are some of your most important body parts; they empower you to stay active and do the stuff you love. So below are some of the tips that can help you to keep your joints healthy no matter at what age you are.  Maintain a healthy weight It shouldn’t be shocking to hear that … [Read more...]

More Information About What Arthroscopy Entails

Arthroscopy is basically a surgical procedure used by orthopedic surgeons to visualize, diagnose as well as treat issues inside the joint. The word arthroscopy is taken from the two Greek words: “arthro,” that means joint, and “skopein,” which means the look. The word means “to look inside the joint.” During an arthroscopic exam, the orthopedic surgeon makes a tiny incision in the patient’s skin, after which a pencil-sized instrument with a tiny lens and lighting system is inserted to … [Read more...]

What You Should Know About Joint Replacement

Generally, a joint replacement surgery is considered when there is severe damage to the joint, bones, surrounding muscles or tissues. It is recommended only after all other treatment options have failed. Surgical intervention is often the last resort in cases where the pain becomes too much or movements are severely restricted. When joints wear away with age or get inflamed due to injuries, stress or trauma, pain, stiffness and swelling are natural. Unfortunately, these problems worsen with … [Read more...]