How To Encourage Kids To Learn At Home During Quarantine

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, schools and colleges have shut down across the globe. In many countries, students have started learning things online by taking parts in online courses. Educational institutes have started organizing online classes for their students through the digital medium.   If you are a parent and worried about your kid’s education, then here we have prepared a list of tips on how you can encourage and help kids to keep learning at home. We talked with experts … [Read more...]

Fun Experiments You Can Do With Your Kids

Parents are always looking for fun, exciting ways to keep their kids entertained. You would want to find activities that will stimulate your kids’ minds and ensure that they learn something while they play safely at the same time. The last thing you want is for your kids to spend their time off doing nothing productive and forgetting everything they had learned at school. Using your family time to engage in cool experiments is not only an effective educational activity, but it is also great fun … [Read more...]

Toys That Promote Childhood Development

While adults have a variety of choices on how they want to spend their day, toddlers, and young kids are limited by what we share with them. Their schedule circles around either sleeping, feeding or playtime. There is nothing much you can do about the first two but can make their playtime different, exciting, and creative every day by use of tools like toys. Play is the only way your child has the opportunity to demonstrate his or her abilities. Exposing your child more to physical and mental … [Read more...]

Fun House Renovation You Can Do With Your Kids

House renovation can often be a complex and strength-taxing activity, which makes it commonly regarded as an activity best left for adults and grownups. There are a lot of things and many parts within and around the house that need some repair, improvement, extensions and other types of renovation. While these renovation projects seem to be best done with no kids around,  there can actually be some renovation activities that your kids can take part in. With your close guidance and supervision, … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Kids For The Next School Year

Going into a new school year brings new excitement and with that comes back to school shopping.  There are many things to consider when preparing your children for the new year, and providing them what they need for a fresh start is the first step to achieving success. Backpacks The first thing your children are going to need to go into school is the right backpack.  It is important to have the right backpack for your children depending on the age and grade they are going … [Read more...]

How to Style a Girl’s Pinafore Dress for Every Season

Pinafores are one of the easiest ways to add some glam and adorable charm to your little girl’s style. But sometimes it can feel a little daunting knowing just how to style it just right. Here is a guide for you to help your girl feel her best in her whimsical pinafore dress.  Photo Credit: Preseley Couture How can you style a pinafore dress? What items of clothing should you match with a girl’s pinafore dress? There are so many great options! A pinafore goes with just about … [Read more...]

How to Motivate Your Son to Do Better in Basketball

Sports is one of the great ways to connect with your kids. They provide hours of fun as a casual activity on a sunny afternoon, or they help build a bond during an organized league season. For some kids, that drive is just not there. The hurdle of getting your son to be more involved, more motivated, and eventually does better in sports can be a tough thing to get done. Fortunately, it is far from impossible. As you can tell, the key here is motivation. Doing better at sports is one thing, … [Read more...]

6 Reasons You Should Be Playing With Your Kids

As a parent, you know that kids are pretty good at entertaining themselves, especially when they're little. Left to their own devices, they'll sing, dance, create and play, even if they're the only ones in the room. However, they're also experts at playing with siblings and other kids their age. Together, they play pretend, make up stories and play games. But when was the last time you played with your child?  If you had to pause and think about it, it's been too long.  The … [Read more...]