5 Reasons Why Balance Bikes Make Great Presents

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It’s getting to that time of the year, summer’s ending, and it’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents for the kids – it’s never too early! For little kids, a lot of parents instinctively think to buy a bike for Christmas and are often disappointed when they realise the child might be too young and small to start learning to ride a pedal bike – and it ends up gathering dust.

So – why not try a balance bike? They have no pedals and have a lower profile so you can start your younger children riding bikes! Here’s a list of five reasons why balance bikes make great presents:

Require Very Little Setup/Maintenance

First of all, balance bikes often have tougher puncture-proof tires, and of course, with no pedals, comes no chain, so balance bikes require basically zero maintenance. It also means that on Christmas Day, as soon as your child pulls the balance bike out of the box, they can start enjoying it and learning to ride straight away!

Important Life Skill

Bike riding is a skill that, once learned by you child, will be used throughout their whole life. As the phrase goes: ‘it’s just like riding a bike’. From riding with family to going to the park with their friends, bike riding is always a useful skill to have.

Encourages Outdoor Play/Activities

In today’s society, kids are often glued to their mobile devices and games consoles, and it can be difficult to get them playing outside. A balance bike is the perfect way to get your kids outdoors, be it just playing with the neighbourhood kids, or on a family hike. It’s also a great way for them to stay fit and healthy and have fun while doing it.

Take Up Less Space Than Pedal Bikes

Balance bikes, unlike traditional bicycles, don’t have pedals, and so take up less space. As well as this, balance bikes are extendable and adjustable, and so they can be changed to a smaller size for ease of storage. This also means that the balance bike can grow as your child grows!

Increased Sense Of Independence

For older children, having a bicycle can lead to a greater sense of independence, as they don’t have to rely on the taxi of mum and dad to see friends and get to and from school. In the same vein, for your younger children, seeing their older siblings and peers ride their bikes might make them feel left out, so a balance bike is the perfect way to enable them to feel included whilst also keeping them safe.

So, there you have it, if you need a great Christmas gift for your toddler, try a balance bike, and your children will be cycling with confidence in no time.

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