5 Unique Playdate Ideas for Your Kids

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Moms know how hard it is to catch a break. So when your child’s friend invites them over, you’re eager to hand them off to another parent for a few hours. Time to enjoy a glass of wine and catch up on your shows! 

But at some point, you’re going to have to return the favor. It’s only natural to worry about your role as a playdate host. But how are you supposed to entertain everyone by resorting to the same old activities? 

5 Unique Playdate Ideas for Your Kids

If you need a little inspiration, we’re here to help. Here are five unique playdate ideas that will make you the queen of playdates and keep boredom at bay. 

1. See a Virtual Magic Show

Want to keep everyone at home? Staying in can be just as exciting as going out when you see a virtual magic show.

Step up a blanket fort, pop some popcorn, and tune in to a magician like Jon Finch. The tricks will have your child, their friend, and even yourself in disbelief. They’ll be talking about the performance for hours and maybe even try to recreate their own show!

The best part about this activity? Because of its virtual nature, you can add others to the Zoom call. Your child and their friend can enjoy the show with family members and other friends, no matter where in the world they are. 

2. Go Berry Picking

This activity isn’t available year-round. But if it’s the right season in your area, we definitely recommend berry-picking!

The car ride alone will be enough to get the kids excited. And once your scenic drive brings you to the farm, the real adventure begins!

They’ll have a blast running around with their baskets and picking the fruit. It might even turn into a competition of who can get the most! 

Once you get home, everyone can enjoy the fruits of their labor. You can even turn it into another activity by trying out new recipes. 

3. Make a Movie

Kids love using their imaginations every chance they get. So if you’re up for a little cinematic work, why not help them create their own movie? 

They’ll jump on the opportunity to pick their roles, come up with a story, and even write a script. Of course, you can stay behind the camera if you want, but there’s nothing wrong with making a little cameo. 

4. Host a Mini Olympics

If the kids are the more active type, put on your very own Olympics. Activities can range from playing a game of soccer to completing a cardboard obstacle course. Really, the possibilities are endless!

End the games with good sportsmanship and plenty of popsicles. Trust us; they’ll need them after all the running around. 

5. Go Backyard Camping

Fun playdates often turn into sleepovers. If your child’s friend is spending the night, you need to make them feel safe while showing them a good time. 

If the kids love the outdoors, why not try backyard camping? They’ll get a kick out of eating s’mores, telling stories, and sleeping in tents. Just make sure you bring plenty of bug spray!  

Try Out These Playdate Ideas

Being a great playdate host isn’t about spending tons of money or going all-out. You just need to do a little planning and pay attention to the kids’ interests. With these five ideas, you should have plenty of inspiration for unique activities. 

Warning: The kids might have so much fun that everyone will want to hang out at your house from now on.

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