How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Home Business

More and more in the digital age are we afforded the ability to work from the relative comfort of our homes. I say relative because when is work ever comfortable? Our bedrooms turned into makeshift offices, our dining-rooms board rooms, and our homes effectively transformed into 24 hours a day office building. With the massive shift of work transferred to our homes it can be easy to become complacent, the human brain perceives our homes as our spaces of private reflection and tranquillity, so it … [Read more...]

How To Teach Yourself Time Management Skills

Whether you work inside the home, outside the home or are a student, having the skills to spend your time wisely can help you work smarter instead of harder at important tasks. There are three main steps to start training your time management skills: determine how you spend your time, prioritize tasks, and set reminders. Determine Where Your Time Is Spent The first step to improving your time management skills is to see where your time currently goes. Do you have a set time for … [Read more...]

How To Stay Sane During A Stressful Period

For many of us, life gets stressful pretty often. Whether you are studying or working, juggling family, friends or children, or just feel you are spinning too many plates, there can come a time when everything seems overwhelming, and there simply are not enough hours in the day. To help you see the light, we have put together some tips to help you stay sane and on top of the situation when life gets stressful. Rather than pull an all-nighter or be tempted to buy caffeine powder to power … [Read more...]

How to Be More Productive at Work

When you’re a working mom you can feel like you’re being pulled in all directions. Sometimes that leads to the feeling that you’re doing it all, but not necessarily doing it all well and that’s tough to grapple with. You may feel like you’re giving a little to your job, a little to your family and a little to everything else that needs to be done. Yet, you’re not fully present in any of these places, and you’re struggling to stay afloat. First, remember that you don’t actually have to do … [Read more...]