The Best Sewing Advice for Beginners

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Sewing can be a great skill to have. Not only can you make your own clothes, you can make cushions, curtains, gifts…just about anything you can imagine! Getting started with this hobby can be difficult, especially when there’s so much to remember. These tips will help you get started so that you can become a pro sewer:

Buy Your Basic Sewing Supplies

You don’t need to go all out and spend your savings on everything you can find. You do, however, need basic sewing supplies to see you through a few simple projects. This includes things like thread, needles, a tape measure, fabric, and of course, a sewing machine like the Singer 7258. There are hundreds of sewing machines out there, so make sure you choose one to suit your needs.

Get Used to Your Machine

Before you start doing anything you should get used to your machine. Read the instruction booklet, watch tutorials, and learn where everything is. Once you’re used to your machine you can begin to practice the basics. Each one is different!

Practice the Basics

Before you decide on a project, you’ll need to know how to do the basics. This includes a variety of stitches, and perhaps even how to attach a zipper. When you’re confident you can do those, you can consider starting a project.

Watch YouTube Tutorials

The most helpful resource you can have is Youtube tutorials. You can read books and how-to guides, but a tutorial is something you can practice along with until you get it right. Most of them are free too, so you can learn how to sew without spending a penny!

Take a Short Course

If you feel you need some one to one advice, then take a short course. Some courses can be taken in just a few hours, others in a few weeks. Some will focus on using the sewing machine, and others might give you the task of making a dress. They don’t cost much, so they’re ideal if you want to be sure you’re getting everything right.


Start a Simple Project

Now you can start a simple project of your own when you feel ready. Attempting to do this before you feel confident with your machine or know the basic stitches is a big mistake. It’s easy to get excited and think you can do it, but you must learn to walk before you can run. You can find patterns and ideas galore by just searching online. You could even buy a sewing magazine! Why not let your kids help you or at least watch you if they’re interested? You might give them the idea to start a hobby of their own!


Finally, practice. Practice sewing as much as you can to get good at it. If you start a project, commit to spending time on that project each and every day. The more you sew, the better you’ll get.

This hobby might be something you enjoy for a lifetime, so get practicing now!

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