The Most Common Prerequisites Needed For Medical School

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Getting admitted into medical school is a challenging task, and many prerequisites need to be fulfilled
before you can even start preparing for admission. These prerequisites include your undergrad and a
multitude of extracurricular activities and skills taken into serious consideration by the admission
board. If you’re considering pursuing a career in the medical field, you need to ensure that you fulfill
these requirements.

Prioritizing Prerequisites

Medical school prerequisites can be categorized into three main categories: undergrad prerequisites,
specialized prerequisites, and extracurricular prerequisites. These prerequisites all have equal
importance, so you can’t consider one less important than another. If you think you’re falling behind
on any of them, put extra effort into the ones you’re lagging behind.

Without proper guidance, it’s common for many med school hopefuls not to have the correct
prerequisite for a medical school. It’s also important to understand each category thoroughly to have
the best chance of success.

Undergrad Prerequisites

Most med schools have some universal course requirements that you need to finish to be eligible for
appearing in a medical entrance exam. These include the following subjects:

  • Biology– Biology is the foundation of medical science, so it’s not surprising that this comes on
    top in the mandatory courses required for med school admission. This requires a basic and
    complete understanding of genetics, cell structure, and human anatomy.
  • Physics– Physics is compulsory in many disciplines of medicine, so this is a mandatory
    subject requirement. This applies even if you’re hoping to be a surgeon or a disease specialist.
  • Chemistry– A must if you’re looking towards a career in pharmacy, chemistry needs to be on
    your priority list. Many students find this subject particularly tough. If you find yourself in a
    similar position, put some extra effort into it.
  • Mathematics– Last but not least, mathematics is also compulsory for med school exams. So
    make sure you have your math skills brushed up as well and include them in your undergrad

Specialized Prerequisites

Some med schools require additional prerequisite courses relevant to particular niche medical fields or
subjects. The most common of these specialized prerequisites include:
? English
? Biochemistry
? Psychology
? Sociology

Extracurricular Prerequisites

Extracurricular activities and skills come into consideration when the admission board makes the final
choice on which candidates to pick for the current semester. The most highly valued extracurricular
activities include the following:

? Debating
? Charity Work
? Lab or Research Assistant
? Volunteering
? Social Welfare Activities

If you have the right grades, investing your time in these prerequisites will likely increase your
chances of getting admitted into a med school.

Common Roadblocks

As you might expect, fulfilling so many requisites is not an easy job, and you can expect many
roadblocks ahead. Being aware of these roadblocks will help you prepare better to avoid some of the
most common pitfalls most med school students have to face.

Many students lack the proper prep materials. To prepare for your MCAT exam, you need to take
notes, answer mock questions, research FAQs, and more. You can also buy the best MCAT prep books
for each subject. You need to do a bit of research to ensure you’re buying the right books and a study
routine that works for you.

Some students also find they don’t have the minimum grades needed to get into med school. The
courses you need to complete for your MCAT exam are tough, and you might perform poorly in some
of these courses. If that happens, retake the course until you have the minimum grades required for

Surprisingly, many med school applicants have problems filling out their application forms, especially
the essay part of the question. The applications also include adversity questions which many students
find difficult to answer. Seek help from your college pre-med counselor or someone who’s already
attending med school.

Start Preparing Early

Med school admission is no joke, so you need to start preparing as early as possible. With proper
scheduling and preparation, you can make things a lot easier for yourself when it’s time for the exam.
Plan early and enjoy the next major step in your education.

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