The Ups and Downs of Being a Single, Divorced Mom

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Every relationship has its own ups and downs. In the same way, the relationship of a woman with her kids has its own pros and cons. In this world, parenting is one of the most hardest and rewarding jobs. Single parenting is even more difficult. There are multiple strong women out there who take care of their children without anyone’s support. If you want to know the ups and downs of being a single mother then keep scrolling. We have listed some most important for you. 

Ups of being a single mother:

You may have heard that being a single mother is very hard and boring. You can’t manage time out with your friends and family because of your children. That’s true in some cases but being a single mom can be advantageous for you too. Have a look at some advantages. 

No# 1: You can make all the decisions of your child freely:

You will be responsible for all of the parenting decisions of your child being a single mother. No one else will be here to interrupt your decision and make you feel wrong. At the start, you will be a little worried about this but late you will realize how beneficial making all the decisions of your children by yourself is. 

What school is good for your children, what they should eat, where they should live. You can go wherever you want without any restrictions. 

No# 2: Managing the finances:

You can manage your finances more efficiently than before. You will understand where and when to spend lavishly and where to cut down. Divorce and difficulties make a human more mature. You will be in better financial condition after divorce when you start earning by yourself rather than going for family income. Just decide wisely what and where to buy essentials and where to live. These little decisions of your life can make you manage your finances in a better way. 

No# 3: Your children will become mature and more responsible:

Divorce also teaches children how to become responsible for their needs. You also teach your children how to handle little things and made the decision. Show them extra love and tell them how important they are to you. Stop managing all the tasks of you and your children by yourself. 

Start involving your children in the home chores and work as a team. For example, take them with you while going for groceries or buying anything and ask for their opinion.  By this, they will develop a sense of responsibility in them and will realize their importance in your eyes. 

No# 4: Undivided attention:

When you are bounded in a marriage, you want to divide your attention between your children and spouse. Both of them want separate attention from you. But single moms can focus only on their kids. She has no other job. The only motive for her is to take care of her children. Similarly, when your children are with your ex, he also pays all of his attention to children. It is great for the good of children. In this way, your divorce will also not bother them. They will understand the need for divorce and compromise. The toxic relationship only spread negativity in the atmosphere of home. After divorce, this negativity will transform into positivity. 

As a single parent, you may be also trying to build another relationship for your good. It will also not affect your children as your new spouse already knew about the time-division that you have for your children.   

No# 5: You don’t have to depend on others anymore: 

Before your divorce, you may have to take advice from your spouse before coming to decision. You have to ask your spouse if you want to go out, work, cook, go shopping, or managing your children’s routine. There are always big lists of things you have to get proved from your partner. You may get into the argument if you both can’t come to one decision. 

Being a single parent, everything depends upon you only. You know that you are the only one to decide what is good or bad for your children. You don’t have to take permission from anyone before you go for anything. You will no longer complain to anyone about financial or any other need as you know that you are the only one. 

Downs of being a single mother:

 Any transition is not easy. Obviously, being a single mother is very difficult. Suddenly moving with you and your children alone and then taking care of all the expenses is a very difficult task. Here is the list of disadvantages of being a single mother. 

No# 1: Financial problems:

According to Angela who filed annulment in GA, financial problem is the most common problem which single mother faces. After divorce, if you don’t have any financial settlement from your ex, then are many chances of falling into financial problems. You may struggle to find a suitable job with a good salary. If can’t find a job with good pay then you have to do double jobs. Being a woman, managing multiple jobs along with children can be difficult. In this way, your health can also be affected. To solve this issue, all you can do is manage your time. Take out time for your work as well as for your children. Plan your budget accordingly to make things easier. 

No# 2: Feeling lonely:

Being a single mother, taking time for you is very difficult. Already you are involved in multiple problems and tasks. You will not be able to manage time for your nights out with your friends, and family events or dinners. You will feel extremely lonely when you won’t be able to go out and meet people. You may come to the stage where you feel very exhausted. 

But you have to keep in mind that to keep things moving, you have to motivate yourself. Again mentioning that time management is the main thing. If you understand how to manage it, you can easily manage time for your job, children, friends, and family.

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