Tips for Keeping Your Teen out of Trouble This Halloween

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Halloween is the holiday for sweet treats — and nasty tricks. Many teens take advantage of the freedom afforded them around this spooky holiday to get into all sorts of trouble; they might vandalize the town, steal things from neighbors, drink or do drugs or even commit assault, bolstered by the belief that their identities are hidden by their costumes or the dark shadows at nighttime.

If you are new to parenting a teen, you need to be equipped to prevent this kind of behavior on the holiday itself and all season long. Here are a few ways you can keep your teen out of trouble and ensure they enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year to the fullest.

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Talk to Your Teen

The better you understand your teen, the better equipped you will be to prevent the types of behavior that can land your teen in deep trouble. Not just during the Halloween season but year-round, you need to take the time to get to know your child; adolescence is a time of extreme growth and change, and you can’t expect your kids to remain the same as they were earlier in their childhood. You should give your teen the one-on-one attention they need from you, and in doing so, you can establish expectations and boundaries related to their behavior that your teen is more likely to respect.

Then, when Halloween season arrives, you can be more pointed in your talks with your teen. You might ask what they are hoping to do for the holiday, and if your relationship is already strong, they are likely to tell you the truth. You might explain that other kids may be interested in causing trouble, through pranks or crimes, and you can describe the possible negative outcomes of those activities. You might brainstorm with your teen ways for them to extricate themselves from those situations should they arise, so they can stay safe on Halloween.

Get to Know Your Kid’s Friends

As much as you might hope that your teen will model their behavior off your instructions and actions, the fact is that teens are much more responsive to the social pressure and influence of their friends. Therefore, it is imperative that you get to know the other teens your child is spending their time with. If you get the sense that their friends are likely to want to get into trouble around Halloween time, you might tell you teen that they are not allowed to go out and enjoy the holiday.

Even if you like your teen’s friends, you should make a point of understanding the entire scope of their plan for Halloween. You might get in contact with the friends’ parents to verify that they are telling the same story to everyone and to ensure that your teen is where they said they will be all night long.

Offer Exciting Activities

Your teen will be less inclined to leave the house and wreak havoc on your community during Halloween if you can keep them entertained and engaged inside your home. You might offer to host a Halloween party for all of your teen’s friends and plan a few unique and fun activities that everyone will enjoy. For example, you might create a themed escape room in your home, for your teen and pals to solve spooky puzzles as a team. You could transform your home into a Halloween rave space, where your kid and their friends can let loose and dance without the temptation of drugs or alcohol.

You can even help your teen set off some fireworks. Larger fireworks can be especially alluring to teens, as most kids aren’t allowed around explosives like roman candles, aerials and fountains. You might go shopping for wholesale fireworks with your teen, so they can craft the light show of their dreams. As long as you have a designated place to detonate your fireworks and your teen understands how to use them safely, fireworks can be an excellent addition to a teen Halloween bash.

The last thing a parent wants to receive on Halloween is a call from the police to pick up their delinquent teen. Fortunately, with some strong parenting strategies and some spooky season preparation, you should be able to keep your teen happy and out of trouble during this tricky time of year

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