Top 4 Pipes That a Smoker Must Own     

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Today’s world appears to be getting increasingly busy as time passes; everyone is continuously on the move and only has two days each week to relax for a few moments. 

However, just because you have a hectic life doesn’t imply you can’t smoke some buds and have some enjoyment. Irrespective of where you are, you’ll find a variety of portable pipes for sale to facilitate your smoking session. This list will go over the best must-have pipes and explain why they’re so fantastic.

Spoon Pipe

The spoon pipe is a classic herb smoking bowl that is also very portable. As you might have guessed, glass spoon devices are spoon-shaped. The bowl’s body is usually a single piece of glass with a cylindrical shape, with a bowl for your herb and a separate hole that functions as a carb linked to the body. 

Borosilicate glass is an excellent material for pipes since it has the cleanest taste. A lot of glassworks are pretty artistic and beautiful.


If discretion is a priority, a one-hitter is the ideal smoking device. They are so little that they can fit in your pocket. They can also be readily concealed, allowing you to pull the one-hitter out, light it, have a smoke, and then put it back without anyone knowing. They are developed with concealment in mind. 

Another thing to keep in mind with this unique tool is that they are usually just big enough to allow for one hit at a time. This can be a benefit or a drawback based on how you view it.


A chillum is akin to a one-hitter, and the two are frequently confused and used synonymously. There are a few small changes; for example, a chillum is bigger than a one-hitter, making it less covert and capable of delivering multiple hits. Chillums date way before one-hitters, traced back hundreds of years, while one-hitters are new in the market.

The primary distinction is that chillums are generally composed of clay, which imparts a distinct flavor to the smoke. Clay hits can be sharper on the throat, particularly if you’re not used to smoking it. Aside from these distinctions, they are identical to one-hitters.

Hardwood Pipes

While hardwood smoke tools are more commonly associated with tobacco smokers than herb smokers, they should indeed be used with herbs. A pleasant and savory taste is created by smoking with a hardwood smoke instrument, which you should experience at least once. Wood is also more durable than glass, making it more portable. 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are wide varieties of pipes for sale in the market. Different types of smoking bowls have different functionality and are preferred by different smokers. 

The only way to find a suitable pipe or any other smoke device is to try it out. You may stumble in finding the right tool for your style, but it will be worth it. Bear in mind that the quality of the device’s construction and the material used should never be overlooked. 

So, go ahead and spend some time researching to find a suitable smoking device for yourself for an unmatched smoking experience.

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