Top 6 Must Visit Places In Rome with Kids

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The ever stunning and eternal city of Rome can surely be among the checklist of places most travel enthusiasts have. While visiting Rome can be enjoyable and memorable, bringing in your kids with you is yet another different story. Kids, in general, are not fond of pure antiquity because they tend to get bored and tired that easily. The challenge then is how to fire up your kids’ interest as well as how both of you and your kids will enjoy your tour in Rome. Here are some of the must-see places that you may love to include in your spec. Not only that your kids would enjoy the activities, but they will as well learn from them at the same time.

Water Parks

Children love water park adventure. Why not bring them to some of the water parks in Rome? The two most famous water parks in Rome are the Hydromania and the Aquaflix. Hydromania Water Park features a semi Olympic-style swimming pool. It has multi runway slides which are primarily designed for general activities and for racing as well. The waterpark also offers various activities and rides that are specially intended for little kids. On the other hand, Aquafelix is known to be the largest water park in central Italy. This water park features various kinds of glides ranging from kids slides to adult glides. What makes Aquafelix more exciting is that it is situated on a hill. With this, you can relish watching the spectacular landscape as well as enjoy swimming and sliding at the same time.

Largo di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary

Pet lovers and kids alike would surely enjoy visiting Largo di Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary.  The sanctuary used to be the home of the four Roman temples. It was also been known as Pompey’s Theater. Now, the sanctuary homes various breeds of stray cats.

The Colosseum and the Gladiator School

Even kids would love sightseeing the ruins of the ancient amphitheater when you buy colosseum tickets for them. Not only that they will enjoy the majestic splendor of the Colosseum, but they can as well learn about the history of Rome just by looking at the ruins. Just a short walk from the Colosseum, you can find the Gladiator School. Your kids will surely enjoy learning how gladiators like Maximus in the movie “The Gladiator” fight against their opponents during ancient Rome. In school, your kids will be taught about some basic and pro fighting techniques and swordsmanship used in actual gladiator fights. After the lesson, which usually takes an hour to two, your kids will then get the chance to participate in a gladiator fight where great prizes await the winner.

Pizzeria Il Secchio e l’Olivaro

After a long day tour, you can bring your kids at the pizzeria to refill an empty stomach. One of the best pizzeria in town is the Pizzeria II Secchio e I’Olivaro. Your kids will surely love the soft and tasty pizza served on giant wooden boards. Kids may also enjoy the space intended for outdoor games.

Wax Museum

Another perfect spot for both you and your kids is the Wax Museum. Surely, your kids will be entertained looking at the real life masterpieces at the enchanted world of the wax. Among the famous Italian and foreign personalities being displayed in the museum are Winston Churchill, Garibaldi, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dante Alighieri and a lot more. You will likewise be amused seeing the most popular protagonists of the all-time favorite fairy tales. The museum is located at the heart of the city, just a few steps from the historical centre of Rome, near Victor Emmanuele II building.

Said Vintage Chocolate Factory

Both kids and adults, in general, love chocolate. Surely, taking your kids to a place where chocolate was once produced may sound interesting. With this, you can visit the Said Vintage Chocolate Factory. This chocolate factory was founded around 1923 by Aldo De Mauro. Said was once known as one of the chocolate-producing factories in Rome until the second World War where the factory deteriorated because of the extensive bombing. Said Vintage Chocolate Factory is now made as a museum. The museum features vintage chocolate machinery, of which some are still well functioning. Also, you can buy some chocolate and can get to savor ancient taste of chocolate at the delicious gift shop located at the old factory.

Certainly, there are countless ways to make Rome visit enjoyable and memorable for both of you and your kids. There are various spots that you can visit and there are also lots of things to be done in Rome. You can also choose to include learning and fun at the same time.

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