Types Of Beer Available In A Brewery, And How Does The Brewing Process Affect Taste?

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A man filling the glass with beer.

The residents of Vancouver, including other cities in the province of British Columbia, consume about 65 liters of beer every year. Even though the residents of Newfoundland and Labrador outpace them in this regard, the numbers are pretty impressive.

Vancouver and British Columbia allow the sale of beer at grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and similar establishments. This makes beer vancouver more accessible to the people, allowing them to pick a can or bottle while visiting a store near them.

Finding a brewery in Vancouver is not difficult, as the city is home to more than 40 breweries, with the number designed to grow in the coming years. But what factors influence the beer’s taste, and what are the different varieties available in a good brewery? Find out.

The brewing process:

The brewing process followed by a brewery affects the taste of the beer they manufacture. It involves malting, milling, mashing, hop addition, boiling, fermentation, aging, and maturing. But what are some factors that make a beer taste different?

Absence of filtering:

Unfiltered beer has not undergone filtration, giving it a subtler and softer taste than a traditional lager. The subtle flavor is due to the absence of yeast and malt during fermentation.

According to various studies, unfiltered lager benefits you, as it’s a good source of Vitamin B and folic acid. The best breweries in Vancouver prefer avoiding the filtration process because most beer lovers prefer it that way.

Dry hopping:

Hops are flowers that belong to the plant Humulus lupulus. Besides helping to keep your beer fresh for a long time, it helps retain that thick layer of foam that plays a significant role in the overall taste.

Dry hopping is when brewers add hops quite late in the brewing process, ensuring your drink has a “hoppy” taste. Although the ideal duration of dry hopping is between 48 to 72 hours, the exact time depends on the flavor you are after.

Interestingly, the increasing demand for hops from the craft beer industry in Vancouver and British Columbia has led to the expansion of hop farms, with farmers charging between 15 to 20 CAD for hops.

Type of equipment used:

The equipment used in the beer manufacturing process also impacts its flavor and taste. Most breweries use stainless steel because it does not affect the flavor and is safe for health purposes. Beer-making equipment includes pneumatics, filter regulators, booster relays, positioners, air dryers, solenoid valves, and flow switches.

Types of beer available

Although the types of beer available will vary from one brewery to another, these are some that a good one offers.

  • Year-round

Most people in Vancouver drink beer regardless of the season, summer, autumn, or winter. You can choose from various lagers available year-round, like a lager, European style lager, amber, west coast pale, dark, hazy pale, and American wheat ales.

  • Non-alcoholic

Although similar to regular beer in taste and flavor, these do not contain alcohol. Some people prefer drinking them to enjoy the taste without experiencing the buzz. Two beers available in this category are American Wheat and Indian Pale Ale.

You can drive a car in Vancouver even after having several non-alcoholic beers since the government does not include it under alcoholic drinks, which is a significant advantage.

Furthermore, the Vancouver City Council allows its citizens to drink beer at six selected plazas, allowing them to bond while enjoying a drink. These include Cambie Street and 17th Avenue, Granville Street 13th and 14th Avenues, and Maple Street and 4th Avenue.

  • Mix packs

Several gorgeous trails are situated within a short distance from Vancouver, for instance, Stanley Park, Quarry Rock, and Lighthouse Park. You can carry a set of mix packs containing 4.8% alcohol by volume (ABV) while hiking by yourself or with friends and family. One case consists of 12 cans, enough to last you during a hike.

Finding good beer in Vancouver is not difficult, provided you find the right brewery. Various factors influence beer taste, from dry hopping to the filtration process. The multiple choices offered by a good brewery let you choose one to your liking and taste.

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