Ways to Stop Aggression in a Cat

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Cats are wonderful pets, with their calming purr and their love for cleanliness. In fact, regarding that, your cat may benefit from you having a look at the Litter Robot 3 review, as this can help both you and them. Despite their wonderfulness, they can also be a bit of a dilemma for their owners, particularly when it comes to aggressiveness. Let’s find out how to properly stop this.

Start by Understanding Your Cat

This is probably what you’re having a hard time with, but with a bit of a time investment, you’re going to be able to do it. Try to look for patterns in their behavior, since this is going to give you important clues into how to deal with it. Once you’ve identified patterns, try to research cat body language, so that you understand this aspect as well. While biting and scratching is clearly a sign of aggression, a direct stare, or a stiff upright stance are offensive postures. 

Positive Reinforcement

Striking a cat is never a good idea, since they often see it as a challenge, and may even escalate their aggressive behavior. With that in mind, try to use positive reinforcement to your benefit. This way, you’re going to be able to teach your pet that good things have to be earned.

This can be used in all sorts of activities, but you can start by teaching them to come by using dinnertime smartly. Before you prepare their food, say come in a happy voice, then start to turn the can opener or shake the kibble bag. Your pet is already used to these cues, so if you associate them with the “come” command, they will learn it much easier.

When you’re trying to get them off your furniture, use a toy to lure them away rather than pushing them off. Say “move” and use the toy to help them understand. If you repeat this enough, they will start to get off when you say “move”.

Likewise, when they’re being calm, be sure to reward them with delicious treats. This way, they will associate the calm behavior with positive outcomes, which will make them more likely to exhibit that behavior in the future more often.

Play with Them

Cats have tons of energy, and if it goes unused, they often act out in aggressive ways. With that in mind, start playing with them every day to make sure that their energy levels are managed.  Use a string that you can dangle in front of them, or use a laser pointer. If you play with them about 2-3 times every day for 10-15 minutes it should be enough. 

Also, make sure that you’ve got a variety of toys to use, since otherwise, they may just become bored quite fast. Finally, make sure to provide scratching posts, as these are a great way for cats to get rid of some of their extra energy. 

Use a Calming Scent

There are plenty of calming products out there, so make sure to get one that’s labeled for cats. There are herbal scents, as well as pheromone-based products that can help get your kitty to calm down. If you’re unsure about which product is best, have a talk with your vet.

Give Them a Hiding Spot

It’s perfectly normal for cats to want to hide somewhere. Think about it: you probably like to have your own space to run away from everything to. With that in mind, be sure to give your kitty somewhere to hide, to avoid them becoming aggressive because of stress. Consider getting a cat perch, placing a bed for them in a darker place of the room, or simply providing a cardboard box. 


Aggression in cats can take place for many reasons, but the good news is that with a bit of patience and loads of information you can learn how to correct your kitty’s behavior.

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