�Wedding Thrifting: Upcycling Wedding Dresses and Decors

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Wedding Gowns.

When everything is purchased brand new, weddings can have a significant financial impact on the bride and groom. If you have a vision board with every detail of your future wedding set out, you probably haven’t thought about thrifting for your wedding until now.

Shopping at thrift stores for your wedding can be a great way to save money and unearth one-of-a-kind treasures that you can incorporate into your big day. The following are some ideas for using items found in thrift stores, such as wedding dresses and decorations. In addition, we’ve also included some ways to upcycle them.

 What To Hunt For in Thrift Stores for Your Wedding  

For those who are already in the midst of wedding preparation, here is a list of decorations and necessities that you may purchase affordably from thrift stores:

Wedding Gown

A new wedding gown is expensive, and you can only wear it once. Shopping at a thrift store can help you save money. Consider purchasing a used wedding gown if you want to save money.

Bridesmaid Gowns

You can find used goods in thrift stores. If you’re fortunate, you might be able to locate a set that fits your color scheme from another wedding. You can also go multi-colored without following any color theme for your bridesmaids’ gowns if you want to be unique on your big day.

Wedding Shoes

A pair of vintage wedding shoes can work well with many wedding ensembles. This alternative is perfect, especially if you wear a dress that covers your feet. You can save several hundred dollars by purchasing used shoes. If you’re lucky, you might even score a designer pair.

Glass Vases

It is feasible to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your wedding without breaking the bank. Choose a used wedding centerpiece to save money that you can add to your honeymoon budget. Used glass vases will elevate the aesthetic of your wedding set.


Thrift stores are the best places to look for old wedding d or. If you’re having a wedding with a rustic theme, baskets are a lovely accent to the decorations. In addition, you may also utilize baskets to hold your wedding favors.

Candle Holders

Candle holders are ideal wedding decorations. Visit a local thrift store if you plan to use more than a dozen candle holders for your wedding. They may even carry different selections that can match your motif.

Picture Frames

Various-sized picture frames may fit if you’re looking for thrifted wedding decorations to complement the venue and the motif. You may use picture frames to display photographs from your prenuptial photo shoots or family photographs from both the bride and groom’s families.

Artificial Flowers

A thrift store is your best bet if you seek inexpensive wedding supplies like artificial flowers. Real flowers are expensive, so choosing artificial ones will save you a ton of money.

How To Upcycle Your Thrift Store Wedding Gown

According to thrift stores in Panama City Beach, wedding gowns and used wedding decorations from thrift stores are practical choices to lower your wedding costs. Similar to accessories, you can alter a secondhand wedding dress to fit your aesthetic preferences.

Here are several ways to alter your secondhand wedding gown:

1. Get rid of the old-fashioned sleeves.

You may find that many wedding gown selections in thrift stores are a bit outdated for your taste, but you shouldn’t lose hope. You can easily take your pick to a seamstress or a tailor and alter the dress according to how you want it to look. For instance, if you’re not a fan of those old-fashioned sleeves, have them ripped out.

Furthermore, choosing a wedding dress in thrift stores that would perfectly fit you will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Again, you don’t have to be too anxious about it because you can have the fit adjusted to your size perfectly.

2. Play around with different shoulder jewelry.

If your wedding dress is sleeveless, dress up your shoulders in exquisite jewelry. With these adjustments, you’ll shine even brighter on your wedding day. Be on the lookout for shoulder jewelry when looking for thrift store accessories.

3. Don’t be scared to alter the length of the garment.

If the gown you purchased from a thrift store is excessively long, you may need to shorten it. You may add a lace ribbon to the dress’s hem for an exquisite finish.

4. Modify the neckline.

This will give your out-of-style bridal gown a modern update. Illusion necklines are a thing of the past, so it is recommended to get your garments altered by a skilled tailor. Choose a neckline that complements your style and character.

5. Dye it.

If your wedding dress is excessively bright, you can color it with an ivory fabric dye. However, you must check the garment’s care label to determine the type of fabric. Keep in mind that each fabric has a unique reaction to the dye.

 Key Takeaway  

A wedding is a beautiful and memorable occasion but can also be costly. If you’re looking to cut costs, we’ll let you in on a small secret: try wedding thrifting. Make the most of your ingenuity without breaking the bank by employing these straightforward strategies mentioned above. In doing so, your wedding day would be an event of a lifetime but still on a budget.

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