What are the Benefits of Micro-Needling?

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Micro needling is a cosmetic procedure where the skin is pricked with a tiny needle that has been sterilized. These small wounds will then result in your body producing more collagen and elastin which will cause your skin to heal, and mean getting a younger look. An alternative word for this technique is collagen induction, So, look out for it described as that too.

So, let us explore further just what the benefits of micro needling are.

Younger Looking Skin

As mentioned, micro-needling will result in you having younger-looking skin after the treatment has been applied to your skin. So, without having to change your face completely through plastic surgery, this simple treatment will result in a younger appearance and complexion. This is something that we can do to help combat the aging process that threatens our youthful look. This thinking is the reason beauty creams are applied by so many with such regularity. These anti-aging results are much sought after by those who embrace micro-needling treatment.

Scar and Acne Treatment

Because micro-needling stimulates collagen and elastin to be produced it is amazingly effective when it comes to dealing with scars or acne that are present on the skin. We should say here, though, that although it can be used for treatment for some scars, it will not treat a keloid, or raised scars. However, that still leaves many scars that it will treat, beautifying so many of the population who place looks as something of great importance. It is, after all, how the world sees us. We try to look good for many situations, such as meeting a future partner or when being interviewed for our dream job. There is no doubt that looks do play their part in every meeting. Certainly, when it comes to the confidence we look to exude because of feeling good about ourselves.

Stretch Marks

You can deal effectively with stretch marks when embracing micro-needling for that purpose. It is invaluable for reducing the appearance of stretch marks that will show up following the periods of rapid growth which will occur during pregnancy. Women no longer need to worry and stress themselves about such marks when micro-needling can be adopted as the solution.

Fewer Side Effects

Micro-needling is a cosmetic technique that will result in fewer side effects than alternative treatments such as intensive peels or laser treatments. The micro-needling effects are comparable to these treatments but without the long downtimes. So, those treated can benefit from their glowing complexions just 24 to 72 hours post micro-needling. However, treatments such as laser resurfacing will take anything between 3 and 10 days to take effect. An intensive peel will take longer still, and it will be between 14 and 21 days until you recover after either a medium or intensive peel. There is quite a difference between these timings, So, careful thought should be given if thinking about skin treatments other than the less invasive micro-needling option.

Improves the Effectiveness of Topical Products

After micro-needling is the best time for anti-aging treatments to be given. These might be treatments such as moisturizers and similar treatments that boost skin health and improve the appearance of those undergoing them. The micro-holes will receive creams, gels, and serums more easily and mean that they are delivered deeper into a person’s dermis when they are regularly applied. So, you might say that micro-needling acts as something of a pre-treatment when it comes to other skin treatments working more effectively too.

Improving Mental Health

Because micro-needling beautifies the skin, it can be seen as improving mental health as it makes people feel better about themselves. It can therefore help with relieving anxiety and depression for those who worry incessantly about their looks.

Cost-Effective Treatment

Micro-needling is also cost-effective and less daunting a technique to consider compared with the more expensive and more invasive alternative of plastic surgery to improve an area of skin. In conclusion, there are many benefits that we can attribute to micro-needling as a friendlier cosmetic procedure that is affordable, yet still effective in improving complexions and providing youthful looks.

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