What Can A Child Support Lawyer Do?

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Going through a divorce is a tense and emotional period for both partners, but it becomes messy if children are involved. This is where hiring a child support attorney becomes essential. A child support attorney can help with the custody battles and their aftermath. There are several things a child support attorney can do to make the case favorable for you. Have a look at the following to know the details

Child Support Attorney

A child support attorney is hired when parents cannot settle on the future and the well-being of their children. Usually, both parties hire an attorney to win a favourable settlement. Then, the cases are presented before the judge, and he passes the final verdict. A child support attorney helps with child custody, support payments, visitation times, negotiations in court, and modifications in existing child support orders. Remember, if your partner hires a support attorney, you must hire one as well; otherwise, it would be very tough to win the case.

Support Payments

In cases involving child support, the main aim is to secure the future of young ones and not let other negativities affect their lives. When a divorce is finalized, the attention immediately shifts to the children. The first thing the parents have to decide is to settle on a monthly payment. Both parents can hire a support lawyer if they cannot be on the same page. An experienced attorney can not only help you secure a manageable monthly payment but also revise the order on future dates. Support payments are monitored by the courts and carry heavy punishments if missed continuously. A support lawyer helps you in these scenarios as well.

Child Custody

Custody is another central area where a child support attorney is beneficial. After divorce, usually, both parents want to have sole custody of their children. However, the court awards custody to a parent who has the resources to raise the children and secure their future. A child support attorney conducts a thorough investigation of your ex-partners living conditions and their finances to build a strong case. The sole custody attorneys will do the same on your side too. If you have any weak points, they can hide or eliminate them to make you the most suitable parent to raise the child.

Visitation Schedule

If you are unfortunate enough to lose the custody of your children, then a support attorney can arrange the next best thing. A child support attorney will help you build an excellent case for increased visiting time for your children. This can mean more days or hours, depending on the court ruling.


Don’t lose heart if you didn’t get a favorable result in the first trial. If you have a child support attorney, you can ask them to file an appeal for modifications in the original order. Again, an experienced attorney can prove a difference in these proceedings.

As evident, a child support attorney can soften the blow of divorce by helping out you and your children in the best way possible.     

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