When You Should Adopt a Pet: Reasons To Adopt a Pet

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The appearance of a new four-legged friend in the house is always a bulk of positive emotions and a completely unforgettable experience. The majority goes to pet stores to purchase a pet, while thousands of animals are eagerly awaiting new owners within the walls of shelters. There are several reasons to pay attention to pet shelters instead of pet shops.

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You will give someone new life

In the past, many residents of shelters had hard times: some of them were forced to survive on the street because their owners had abandoned them. One way or another, each animal at one time faced difficulties that you want to forget about as soon as possible. And the best way to start a new life is to meet a friend who will take you and help you find happiness again. Your pet will be sincerely glad to meet you and will definitely appreciate your care.

You can choose a pet of any age and character

There is no doubt that all kittens and puppies are adorable, but some people want an older pet. In a pet store, you are unlikely to find older animals, but you can choose a four-legged companion of any age in a shelter. In addition, you will have the opportunity to observe the future pet and learn more about it from the keeper, to understand whether it is close to you in character and temperament because nothing compares to personal communication. In this way, the animal will also have a chance to choose you and decide whether it is ready to connect with you.

Adoption helps you find the perfect companion

Unlike pet store employees, shelter employees are genuinely interested in putting their wards in good hands and finding suitable owners for them. Therefore, they will be happy to tell you about the nature of the animals and their habits. 

Maybe you have a small child or other pets at home that a new family member will most likely not get along with? You will be informed about this in advance. Or do you prefer to spend evenings and weekends at home, and the puppy you like can not live a day without long walks? In this case, you are unlikely to find a common language. However, this is not a reason to despair – your wishes will be taken into account and presented to your ideal companion.

If you are a pet newbie and decided to adopt a pet, having no idea how to care for it, feel free to ask shelter workers and volunteers. But if you still feel uncertain, use a tool to ask a vet online if some questions arise. Ask a Vet is a non-commercial project from ThePets and was created to help pet owners widen their knowledge and make pets healthy and happy.

You will definitely be supported

Moving to a new home is a joyful event for each animal but still somewhat exciting since it takes time to get used to an unfamiliar environment. Because of this, at first, the new owners may have some difficulties. 

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Fortunately, suppose you took a pet from a shelter. In that case, the curators will tell you how to behave in a given situation because they are well aware of the characteristics of all their wards. Moreover, many social initiatives help people, and stray animals find each other and provide all-around assistance to the pet and its new owner.

It is available to everyone

In shelters, the future owner can find an animal of almost any breed and age for free. The main thing is the opportunity to provide the four-legged friend with proper care, love and attention. Taking a pet from a shelter is a noble deed that will start a great friendship and make someone’s life happier. Make up your mind, and an adventure of mutual love and devotion awaits you.

Ability to skip the tedious stage of raising a puppy

Animal shelters have a large selection of older dogs. One of the many benefits of having an older dog is that you can significantly reduce, and sometimes even avoid, the early tiresome stage of parenting. Sure, puppies can be adorable, cute, and hilariously naughty, but they also take a tremendous amount of time to learn, communicate, and care for. The time that most people do not have. However, in the case of the older dog, the training, communication, and grooming stages were done for you. This is the most win-win situation possible!

You save dogs from the abuse of their previous heartless owners

Statistics show that every year about 12,000 dogs in the United States die from abuse. However, you can help end animal cruelty by adopting an animal from an animal shelter, thus allowing agencies to devote more time and effort to rescuing these poor, abused creatures.

Animals improve our physical and emotional well-being

Animals have a remarkable ability to provide companionship and unconditional love to their masters (and who does not want to be loved unselfishly?). However, they give even more than just love. Research shows many benefits to owning a pet, ranging from improved social life, lower blood pressure among owners, lower cholesterol levels, faster recovery from heart-related diseases, and better overall health (as dogs motivate us to walk more). They can even give their owners a sense of purpose in life, which helps fight against depression.

Adopting a cat

The choice of a cat must be approached very carefully. And first of all, it is worth deciding what you want from your future pet. After the “boy or girl?” question, think about raising a pet. Like humans, all animals have different personalities. It is essential to understand that not everyone will be able to get along in one apartment.

If you have an active family where energy is in full swing, most likely, you need a playful cat who loves to play, run and accompany the owner. Another question if you need a cat on a pillow that will not pose any problems: will lie quietly on his knees when you want it or on the couch – when you are busy.

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In order not to be mistaken, spend more time choosing a cat. Go to the shelter several times, chat with a potential member of your family. Then it will be possible to determine not only your compatibility and sympathy for the chosen cat but also whether the animal likes you. And this is also very important for future family happiness.

By the way, do not forget to purchase bowls and a tray in advance. Please make sure they are similar to what the cat is already accustomed to in the shelter, but better: a soft house that will become her refuge, a scratching post, and some toys preferred by your beloved pet. It would also be nice to stock up on some sedatives – but only after consulting your veterinarian. Cats have a hard time coping with the change of environment, and sometimes they need extra help.

Adopting a dog

The choice of a dog should be approached according to the same principle as with cats. Start with your family: decide who you need – a guard, a lap dog, a hunter, or a fun companion. Maybe you have children that not all dogs get along with. Then also hang out with the potential tenant for a few days.

You can take the dog home several times to better understand whether you are suitable for each other, whether the dog will like you.

It is not advisable to take tiny puppies. Better to wait and see what it can grow into. After all, dogs from this point of view are unpredictable: as adults, they can reach enormous, if not gigantic, sizes, and it is almost impossible to predict the future growth of some puppies.

But when you are convinced of your choice and have already brought home a new friend – do not hesitate and give it your love. Dogs love attention more than cats. Play, walk, spend a few days together. Show your pet that this is his new home, where it will not be offended.

Remember: we are responsible for those we have tamed. No one will stop you from bringing your pet back if you still do not get along under one roof. But a dog or a cat are living creatures, and the constant change of houses, owners, hands do not please them at all and certainly does not benefit them.

And, finally, if you still hesitate to answer the question “To take or not to take a pet from the shelter?”, the answer is – absolutely yes. You can not only do a good deed but also save someone fluffy. The animal will not remain in debt: it will not betray you, it will not forget, and all its life, it will pay for the good with its disinterested cat-dog love.

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