Why It’s Better To Choose Faux Fur Throw Over Animal Fur?

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Once you’ve found the perfect faux fur throw for your home, it’s hard to go back to real fur blankets or jackets, no matter how soft and warm they are! There are so many reasons why you should ditch animal fur clothing in favor of faux fur throw and blankets. Here are some of the top benefits of using faux fur products over their animal counterparts especially the one from everlastingcomfort.net

The Benefits of Owning a Faux Fur Throw

A faux fur throw is a luxurious alternative to real fur that can be just as beautiful and durable. Many people choose real fur, but they don’t consider how wearing it can harm animals—or how faux fur can offer similar warmth without compromising animal welfare. Read on for some of the benefits of faux fur

Is faux fur throw more cost-effective?

As far as animal welfare is concerned, faux fur wins hands down. While faux fur has a reputation for being more expensive than its real-fur counterparts, that’s not always true. While a full-length mink coat may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can buy a beautiful faux fur throw for under $100 everlastingcomfort.net and be proud of your purchase knowing that no animals were harmed in making it. There are plenty of gorgeous faux fur products out there; just take some time to find what suits you best!

Faux fur throws better for the environment?

Yes, faux fur throws are made from synthetic materials that are more eco-friendly than animal fur. In addition, faux fur is cruelty-free and doesn’t come from living animals that have been killed for their fur. For example, real foxes and rabbits often suffer in horrific conditions before they meet their end. Even sheep may be subjected to a short life of abuse and neglect before slaughtering. An additional benefit to choosing faux fur throws over animal-derived ones is versatility: no matter what your style or decor, you can find a throw blanket in your preferred color or pattern. As a bonus, most sellers offer multiple sizes; you can even find larger options for sectional sofas and king beds.

Should you choose faux fur if you are an animal lover?

The answer is yes if you are a compassionate person. The main reason behind choosing faux fur instead of animal fur is compassion and consciousness for animal rights. However, many people who care about animals don’t seem to want it because it is better for them as well. One example would be that many cats and dogs with sensitive skin tend to get sick after coming in contact with certain types of animals.


Admittedly, faux fur throw has a bad reputation as being cheap and synthetic. But that’s far from being true. These days, high-quality faux fur is used in many of today’s most popular bedding, clothing items, and accessories, just like silk or cashmere. 

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