Why Should You Choose Samsung Washing Machine?

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Looking to upgrade your old washing machine? There is hardly a better option than a Samsung washing machine. Their quality washing machines at affordable prices could give your clothes the ideal treatment they deserve. Here are all the reasons why a Samsung washing machine deserves your money.

1. Choose from different sizes and types

Samsung has a plethora of washing machines to offer. There are different types — top load and front load ones. On the other hand, there’s also a bunch of options in fully automatic and semi-automatic models. So, no matter what your preference is and you want to buy the latest washing machine, Samsung has something ready for you.

Other than this, the sizes of Samsung washing machines vary from 6 Kg to 9 Kg. Hence, no matter how big or small your family is, you can always find the right size for you.

2. Magic of the Diamond Drum

Samsung washing machines are equipped with the uniquely designed Diamond Drum, which acts as the washtub. The Diamond Drum has carefully constructed ridges that ensure that your clothes are handled with care. Additionally, there are also small water holes that further ensure that the clothes are not tangled. Moreover, the Diamond Drum is the perfect apparatus to give your clothes the care they deserve.

3. Advanced washing technology

Samsung washing machines are loaded with advanced technologies that give your clothes a thorough wash. Samsung’s Centre Jet technology in its top load washers is impressive with its cleaning efficiency. The powerful pulsator of Samsung’s top load washing machines produces jets of water. These powerful jets help the clothes remain untangled and facilitate their cleaning process.

4. Use the different wash modes

Samsung washing machines have different wash modes. These wash modes are designed to ideally treat different types of clothes. In case you have to wash silk sarees or clothes with delicate designs, you have the Gentle/Delicate wash mode to take care of your clothes well.

5. Digital Inverter Motor

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor makes the washing machines more energy-efficient than most other washing machines in the market. The motor can sense the load of the washing machine and optimize the energy consumption of the appliance. Thus, a Samsung washing machine only consumes as much power as is required for a specific wash cycle. This has an incredibly positive effect on the monthly electricity bill.

Furthermore, the motor is directly connected to the wash drum, without any chain. Thus, the washing machine runs quietly, without making much noise.

6. Keep your water consumption in check

Samsung washing machines are also highly water-efficient. They use high-efficiency detergents with much less water than other contemporary washing machines. The results, on the other hand, are equally good or even better than the other washing machines. Hence, Samsung washing machines can help you save a great deal of water.

7. No effort in cleaning

With Samsung washers, there is no need to spend a lot of time maintaining them every day. These washing machines have an Eco Tub Clean feature that gets rid of all the residue detergents from the washtub. Whenever the washing machine has a significant amount of leftover chemicals that start becoming a threat to the tub, the machine will alert you. You can then turn on the feature to get it cleaned.

8. Quick Washes

Perfect for quick washes, Samsung washers can give you ready-to-wear clothes within 15 minutes. Their Quick Wash program comes to the rescue during such times.

9. Smart Check

Samsung has an automatic monitoring system in place that recognizes any underlying problems within the washing machine. This helps you get a good idea if your washing machine is going to break down soon.

10. Built-in Heater

Samsung washing machines often come with an in-built heater. These heaters can give your clothes a warm wash, which can be very effective to get rid of germs and allergens. Hence, if you have an infant or children in your family, a Samsung washer with an in-built heater is definitely a great buy!

11. Long-lasting parts

Samsung washing machines have a stainless steel drum that is extremely rust-proof. Additionally, the corrosion-resistant motor also ensures that your washing machine lasts for a long time from the time of purchase.

12. Worth the money

The Samsung washing machine price can be between Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 40,000. But they are well built and make sure that you get everything you’re looking for. Hence, it is totally safe to say that they are worth your money.

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