Why Should You Let Your Child Play Outside? Essential Benefits of Outdoor Play for Kids

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In this time and age, kids should spend at least an average of 30 minutes of play outside instead of spending time on electronics such as tablets, smartphones, computers, or televisions. Letting them swap their outdoor life to gadgets would only encourage a sedentary lifestyle, and it will have severe consequences for their overall health and well-being. 

Children that are physically active and healthy are more likely to become more well-rounded, more independent, and more compassionate individuals compared to other kids who spend their whole day facing the screen. By encouraging the younger generations of kids to play outside and limit their screen time, they will not only develop healthy physical well-being but as well as improve their intellectual and emotional well-being, too. After all, it has been proven that stepping away from the screen and spending more time in the sunshine provides lots of benefits.

Below we have listed some essential reasons why you should encourage your child to play outside.

Benefits of Child’s Physical Development 

Outdoor playing has a significant benefit on the child’s development stage, especially during their early childhood and the school-age years. For example, letting them play daily on Orca Coast Playgrounds will have a direct impact on their physical weight, strength, as well as enhancing their bodies’ ability to fight off different kinds of illnesses. Furthermore, according to research, kids that continue to be more active outdoors during their early years continue to do so as they age, making them have a healthy, active adult lifestyle.

Improved motor skills

Research has suggested that outdoor play helps kids to develop more advanced motor skills than their “indoor” friends, especially on the part of body coordination, agility, and balance. It also helps them to be more appreciative of nature and enjoy simple outdoor activities like walking, biking, or hiking. The more they spend outside, the more they become more confident about their movements.

Lower BMI (body mass index)

Did you know that in 2010, lots of pediatricians are concerned about the rising number of kids that are “obese.” In fact, one out of three kids is already considered “obese” all because more of the kids eat more but spend less time being active. But kids that spend less screen time and more on running, jumping, or climbing burn a lot of calories than their sedentary counterparts. With this, they effectively avoid becoming obese and have a better body mass index that promotes a healthier body.

Improved overall health

An obese child can have long-term health implications since they are more prone to major sickness like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, asthma, and even sleep apnea. Also, then they don’t get enough sunlight exposure also has a negative effect on their immune system. Studies also have shown that kids with ADHD help them release their energy and become more controllable whenever they’re inside.

However, It’s probably more important to provide a clean environment for children. It is better to learn clean habits and good health than to worry about keeping your room clean. If you are worried about cleanliness and are looking for a reliable cleaner for yourself, you will be more than welcome to see around here and find a professional cleaner near you.

Improved muscle strength

Playing on the Orca Coast Playgrounds encourages the development of muscle strength. For example, whenever you push your kid in the swing, all their muscles work together as your kid figures out how to hold on tight while at the same time follow the movement of the swing. This simple outdoor activity helps develop your kid’s muscle strength. To strengthen a variety of muscle systems, encourage them to try playing toys like biking or skateboarding. However, make sure to follow safety guidelines to prevent them from getting injured.

Social Development Benefits

Above, we have mentioned only the many physical benefits of outdoor playing. But it can also provide an opportunity for your kid to have social development as well. 

More emotionally open

Studies suggest that kids who spend more time in a small confined room like in the school often make them feel overwhelmed since the chance of competition from other kids is high. This makes them become easily intimidated and increasingly quiet over time, thus making it hard for them from opening up and sharing. On the other hand, when kids spend more time outside, they can have all the physical space they need to move and breathe. With this, they feel less overwhelmed since they are not in a confined space and don’t have to compete with other kids for attention. This helps them to become more willing to open up and able to talk about things.

Greater self-awareness

Kids who spend more time playing outdoors have a higher chance of developing stronger reasoning and observation skills. As we mentioned earlier, outdoor activities like swinging have lots of physical benefits for kids, but at the same time, give them the chance to explore the outside world from a different perspective. It allows them to be aware of the space they’re in and understand the concept of “cause and effect.” It helps them to become more responsible when they grow up.

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