Why You Should Start Wearing An Orgonite Necklace

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The wearing of orgone jewelry has been a trend to many people, and there’s one main reason for that — to attract pleasant and positive energy through their skin. One of the most common ways of wearing orgonite is to wear them as a pendant in a necklace.

What exactly is orgonite? Experts describe it as a device that facilitates the conversion of stagnant orgone energies into energies that will be healthy and positive to you or anyone who makes it close to them or wears them.

But more than just attracting positive energies, wearing Orgonite jewellery, specifically, an orgonite necklace, gives many benefits to almost all facets of life, especially on your health and your well-being in general. These are the most common benefits: 

1. Generally feeling better

This involves physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As was said earlier, an orgonite necklace clears out all negative energies that are present in your surroundings. This, therefore, allows a smoother flow of positive energy which will have a domino effect on your physical, mental and spiritual states.

2. Better sleep

If you have trouble sleeping before, wearing orgonite jewelry can aid you in that aspect as new energies form and dwell around you. This is something that you could get used to.

3. Vivid dreams

Once you have mastered sleeping with the kind and level of energy you now have by wearing the orgonite pendant, you are most likely to have vivid dreams. With this, your sleep will be a lot better compared to the previous years. 

4. Spiritual growth

Because of orgonite, your spiritual being is also being nourished and improved. That’s because the invisible blockages caused by negative energies that used to surround the area are being eliminated, paving way for more positive energies to enter into your spirit. 

5. Gives you good luck

If there’s one benefit orgonite necklace gives to a person, that would be allowing the bearer to have the odds in their favor. Whether you’re aiming for love and security from evil spirits from a crowd of people, orgonite helps you achieve all of it. It somehow serves your purpose and clears out any obstacle that may come your way in achieving those. 

6. Protects you from the harmful effects of radiation

Related to the preventive abilities of orgonite in general, wearing an orgonite pendant actually counters the effects of some harmful matter from cellphones and appliances. These things emit harmful radiation, which is obviously harmful to your health. But, through your orgonite pendant, these radiations are being hindered from entering into your body. Its natural properties caused by its organic and metal compositions are the very things that counter the radiation. 

Final Words

More than just a piece of jewelry, orgonite necklaces aren’t made for vanity’s sake. People wear them because it has properties that will enable any person to have a life with lesser bad energy. However, it is also important to note that wearing an orgonite pendant should be accompanied by a deliberate and willful intention of making our lives better. 

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