Seven Easy Ways to Fight “Mom Brain”

When your sleep is limited and your stress levels are through the roof, forgetfulness and brain fog -- characteristics of a condition often referred to as “mom brain” -- are par for the course. You don’t have to accept these traits as a permanent part of your life, though. There are lots of things you can do to keep mom brain at bay, whether you’re on your first kid or your fifth. Start by adding a few of the following tips to your daily routine, and you’ll soon start to feel more alert and … [Read more...]

Three Useful Ways to Manage Single Parent Debt

Are you a single mother/father? And do you want to get over all your debt? If yes, then you are not the only one. The U.S. Federal Reserve data reveals that most U.S household incurs credit card debt of $15,863. The student loans are close to $33,090 Also, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau shows that there are approximately 52% of medical debt credit bureau fillings. As a single parent, if you're caught up in excess debt, you have company! However, this fact shouldn't be an excuse to … [Read more...]

The Concept of Car Baby Mobile

Baby mobiles are not for only entertaining your little one but helpful for their brain development. Babies are born ready to learn as they grow up. To ensure their brain development, baby mobiles can play a vital role. The functionality of their brain depends on various things around them. And, baby mobiles are one of the most reliable and fancy gear for them. Baby mobiles having bright color and music help develop their motor skills. It is seen that they respond to baby mobiles while they are … [Read more...]

5 Habits That Raise Responsible Kids

Every parent wants to raise responsible, self-sufficient kids. After all, that is our most important job. But this job is harder than it looks from the outside, and maybe that's why things don't always go according to plan. But even though parenthood is a crazy and unpredictable ride, we can make a difference in our kids lives by instilling healthy habits. Here are five habits your family can adopt to encourage your kids to be responsible. 1. Allowance Do your kids get a … [Read more...]

Family Time: 6 Ways To Have Fun With Your Children

Getting your kids to learn how to love typing practice or find typing practice is not very easy. It may not be the most enjoyable activities but it is a very nice way for beginners to hone their skills. It is fun to teach your children typing practice by using fun apps and games and some tips have been listed for children to get the best out of typing practice. Below you will find tips to motivate your children from being beginners into becoming master typists. The tips listed below are not just … [Read more...]

Five Ways for New Moms to Get a Natural Energy Boost

As a new mom, the idea of getting a decent amount of sleep every night is downright laughable. When your baby wakes up multiple times throughout the night, there’s just no way to get deep, high-quality sleep on a consistent basis. A lack of sleep is par for the course when you become a new mom, but that definitely doesn’t mean that it’s easy to deal with. If you’re struggling to stay awake and energized during the day but don’t necessarily want to chug a whole pot of coffee to keep yourself … [Read more...]

5 Kid Friendly Travel Destinations

Travelling has always been an important measure of learning novel things in life. Travelling brings excitement and joy to your boring life and when it comes to young children, and then surely you will notice that they are exposed to different and unique experiences. Traveling with kids to various beautiful places in India is surely a fun. You can plan your holiday anytime at some kid-friendly destination where you can enjoy an amazing view of monuments, different places, Indian culture, and … [Read more...]

How to Get Your Kids into History

Are your children completely uninterested in history? History is a very important subject. Unfortunately, it has earned (maybe somewhat unfairly) a reputation as being a dull and uninteresting subject—as dry and dusty as some history textbooks you can find in the library. Understanding history can be character-building and contribute to wisdom, so if you want to get your children interested in it but are struggling to find ways to pique their interest, read on for a few helpful ideas. Stories … [Read more...]