7 Important Road Safety Rules to Teach Your Children

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Time flies very fast, and in almost an instant, your child will reach the age where they will be interested in learning how to drive and they’ll get their own car. While it can be truly exciting to see your little human turning into a responsible adult, there is also always the concern that something bad may happen to them while they’re on the road.

But even while your child is young, they may be at risk if they take the bus to school or if they simply walk on the street. Worrying for them is normal, especially when you’re a parent. Road accidents happen daily, and the last thing you want is to see your child being the victim of one.

For example, Maryland car accident statistics show that thousands of people are injured in collisions annually. 28% of car crashes happened on Maryland highways, whereas 23% of them happened on country roads. If you live in Southern Maryland and your child is injured in a car accident, you should look into Southern Maryland car accident lawyers.

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Still, it’s always best not to get there, so here are 7 road safety rules to teach your children.

Always Pay Attention!

Whether they are driving the car or they are walking on the sidewalk, your child should always pay attention to their surroundings. It is important to pay attention to the traffic participants and see an oncoming vehicle. Not only they should look for the cars in the area, but they should also listen carefully to notice if a car is getting closer. They should also pay attention to horns.

Don’t Stick the Hands Outside the Vehicle!

Kids are very curious, so they may end up putting their hands out of the school bus while it is driving them to school or home. Some like to poke their head out too. But this is very dangerous, as they could be hit by things close to the road or by approaching vehicles.

Don’t Run on the Streets!

Children should never run on the streets, even if they are excited about something on the other side of the road. Running across the street could put them at risk of being hit by cars, so you should teach them not to do this.

Respect the Traffic Signs!

Kids should learn the traffic signs, so they should know what the colors green, orange, and red mean on traffic signals. They should also know signs like school zone, pedestrians, and various others.

Use Sidewalks at All Times!

Your children should always use the sidewalk. Teach them by showing this to them, whether it’s a busy street or not. When there are no sidewalks, they should walk on the left side of the road. This will let them see the approaching traffic.

Prepare for Bicycle Rides!

Teach your children to gear up before riding their bicycle. They should always wear elbow and knee guards, as well as a helmet. Bright-colored clothing and shoes are also important if they are riding in the dark.

Don’t Cross at Bends!

Kids should never cross the road at bends because these are blind spots. Car drivers may see the child too late to stop the car. So, teach them not to cross the street in these places.

Teaching your child road safety rules can prevent injuries and even save their lives. Take the time to teach them these things and ensure they are safe at all times.

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