Family building is a cardinal phase of life. Abnormalities of sexual life and organs may lead to infertility in couples. Sometimes the female fails to conceive a child because of menopause. Female cancer survivors can no longer carry a pregnancy, though. Females having ovary disorders are most likely to have a miscarriage. Modern gynecological techniques involving Egg donation, Surrogacy, Test tube babies, etc., have proved to help hands infertile couples to become parents. Egg donation is … [Read more...]

Bulgarian Yoghurt � The Best-Tasting, Healthiest Yoghurt Option That Beats Greek Yoghurt

Standing in the dairy aisle at your supermarket, you find yourself staring at countless yogurt options. There is Greek, Iceland, Australian, Kefir, and Bulgarian. Then, there's low-fat, non-dairy, flavored, lactose-free, unsweetened, and many more. While it can be difficult for a shopper to tell the difference of one from the other, each variety has defining characteristics. After all, yogurt is not just curdled milk. The bacterial strains specific to the region, temperature ranges, and … [Read more...]