How To Inhale A Disposable Vape: A Step-By-Step Guide

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Disposable vape pens have become the most sought-after vaping gadgets because they’re simple to use and require no extra prepping.

Using a disposable vape is not vastly different than smoking a regular cigarette. You should puff slowly, gently, and longer. 

Disposable vape pens come in wide varieties and can contain different e-liquids. You are free to make your preferences.

If you’re a first-time vaper, there are a few pointers to grasp, so stick around to discover the details on how to use disposable vapes properly. 

Before You Start Vaping

There are a few tips and tricks to have in mind before you try your first vape. If you’re a rookie in vaping, starting with disposable vapes is the right way to go due to their ease of use.

Even though vapes entered the smoking industry to mimic traditional smoking, there are distinctions – and significant ones – that make vapes a whole different species.

Once you unpack the vape, you’ll be ready to go. No lighters are needed, and you won’t have to keep track of ashes smearing your clothes. 

You activate the vape by the puffs you take, so it works when you do. Another significant difference typical for a vape is the duration of the inhalation.

Inhaling a Disposable Vape: How Do You Do It?

Using a disposable vape means inhaling the smoke longer than traditional cigarettes. 

In essence, there are five basic steps to inhaling a vape properly:

Step 1: Mind the Differences

First and foremost, vapers should know that vaping differs from smoking tobacco cigarettes. While tobacco smokers take short and intense puffs, vapers should do the complete opposite – take long, slow inhales. Draw until there’s enough vapor to fill your mouth. 

Draw from three to seven puffs of the vape. Then, let the gadget rest so the device can cool off and your throat can replenish. 

Step 2: Warm Up the Vape 

The first puff is also known as priming the vape, which means prepping the vape for use. Quickly inhale to heat the coil, and don’t be surprised if there’s no vapor at first, as this only ensures the coil gets heated. Although this is not a required step, most vapers choose to do it to make sure their vape will run smoothly and enjoy the vaping sesh to the fullest.

Step 3: Slow and Steady Does It

After you have primed your vape, the next thing is actual vaping. Allow yourself to draw slowly and steadily until your mouth is full of vapor. 

Always practice moderate and consistent vaping as opposed to rapid puffing. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy a wholesome vaping experience. 

Step 4: Hold the Vapor

Now that you have drawn enough of the vape into your mouth, hold the vapor in from three to five seconds, and then inhale so it can reach your lungs. Afterward, slowly release it through your mouth or nose, depending on your preference.

The thing about vaping is that it allows you to soak in the nicotine through the mucus membrane in your mouth, through your nose, and your lungs, as opposed to smoking a tobacco cigarette. 

Step 5: Be Patient

The most defining aspect of vaping is being patient to feel the hit. Most first-timers expect to feel the nicotine kick right after drawing, but that’s not the case. 

Unlike traditional tobacco cigarettes that deliver a nicotine buzz within eight seconds of drawing, a vape takes thirty seconds for the nicotine to hit. Although it takes some getting used to, you’ll get the gist after drawing a few puffs.

What Not to Do While Vaping

When you vape, you should not draw short and quick drags as you would do with a tobacco cigarette. If you mistakenly do so, you might end up with your mouth full of e-liquid, and that’s a big no-no. 

In addition, forget about chain vaping. Take from three to seven drags and let the device rest for a while to cool off for your next draw. 

If you draw repeatedly, you might develop a sore throat, irritation, or even permanently damaged taste buds, a condition known as “vaper’s tongue.”

What’s a Good Disposable Vape?

All the best disposable vapes come with a long-lasting battery, support a wide range of flavors, and are compact for optimal use.

Most vapes today are pretty alike in shape and size. Almost all of them fit nicely in small bags or pockets, making them discrete and convenient.

Battery Life

When it comes to disposable vapes, the majority of the household names design their gadgets with long-lasting batteries. It won’t hurt to know that the number of puffs measures the battery life of a disposable vape. 

However, since puffs are an individual preference and can’t be measured accurately, vaping companies tend to measure them in seconds (e.g., one draw lasts for two seconds). 


The flavor of the vape, also referred to as vape juice, is the cherry on top. Many experienced vapers take delight in choosing their next vape juice, browsing from all kinds of different tastes like actual tobacco taste, coconut lime, strawberry, and everything else you can think of. 


Yes, flavors and battery life are essential for a reliable disposable vape. But so are atomizers since vapes won’t function without one. 

Essentially, atomizers are what breaks down the e-liquid into vapor by using heat, delivering a ready-to-go puff”. A solid disposable vape will have a sturdy, powerful atomizer that’ll heat the coil fast and have you relish your drag in no time.


In general, first-time vapers shouldn’t be struggling with vaping as long as they know the basics of the trade.

“Easy does it” is the foremost thing to have in mind. Draw slowly and for longer, and wait for the hit. Disposable vapes take time for the nicotine to kick in, so don’t be impatient and give it up altogether.

Learn to differentiate between vapes and traditional tobacco cigarettes; – it’ll make the whole vaping experience far more enjoyable.

Remember to warm up the vape and give it time to cool off after taking some puffs. If you don’t, you’ll struggle with a malfunctioning vape and a sore throat. 

Hold the vapor in your mouth for up to five seconds before inhaling, patiently wait for the buzz, and enjoy!

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