Important Camping Safety Tips for Kids

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While camping is a fun activity for kids and adults, safety precautions should be taken to ensure everyone enjoys the trip without harm. Read on to find out the basic camping safety tips for kids that should be followed to prevent injuries or a ruined experience!

Never wonder off alone. It’s important that you don’t walk away from the campsite without a buddy to go with you. It’s easy to get lost in an unfamiliar wooded area.

If you need to leave the campsite for any reason, make sure an adult knows where you are going. Take along a whistle, flashlight and compass in case of emergencies.

Always wear shoes while camping. It may be fun to run through the tall grass, but going barefoot in the wilderness can be very dangerous.

You may step on a sharp rock, get a splinter, or injure yourself on a piece of broken glass if you aren’t wearing proper footwear. Even when you are swimming while camping, it’s important to wear shower shoes or sandals to protect your feet.

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Don’t play in or around the campfire. This isn’t just because of the old wives tale of

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  1. Hi Courtney. very useful tips there. I can use them on the next camping trip with the kids.


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