How to Stop Rain from Ruining your Camping Trip!

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Rain usually isn’t the ideal weather for a camping trip. However, getting a little shower doesn’t have to mean the trip is ruined. There are lots of precautions you can take before any storm starts that will ensure the weather doesn’t wreck your camping trip!

Always be prepared.

Even if it’s not supposed to rain during your camping trip, you still want to have the supplies necessary in the event of an unexpected downpour. Make sure you do check the weather forecast though, to make sure you can properly plan for any inclement weather.

Pack extra clothing to change when you get wet, as well as rain gear to keep you dry. Extra socks are always a must, whether it’s going to rain or not!

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Pitch your tent in the right location.

Avoid setting your tents under $100 up on a slope where rain will infiltrate it after the first day of camping. Flat, high ground is always better, whether you are expecting rain or not.

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Also, avoid pitching the tent too close to rivers and other bodies or water that can flood once the rain starts.

Have lots of plastic bags on hand.

Ziploc storage bags and plastic grocery bags may become your best friend when it’s raining during your camping trip. Use the bags to keep your devices, food, clothing, and other gear dry during a storm. These bags can also keep your wet clothes away from your tent and dry gear.

Keep the inside of your tent dry.

There’s nothing worse than sleeping in a damp area when camping. Make an effort to keep the interior of your tent dry so you can stay warm and sleep well. Open the tent vents to allow air to circulate, which will help prevent condensation. Change out of wet clothing before entering your tent to avoid adding to the moisture inside.

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Have indoor activities on hand.

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t have a good camping trip! Make sure you pack activities that can be enjoyed inside your tent or camper, including activity books, travel games, a deck of cards, and magazines.

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Use a tarp for a drier campsite.

Having a large tarp to cover your campsite is the ultimate in rain protection. String the plastic between several tries the moment after you pitch your tent. That way, it’s in place in the event of a rainstorm. You may want a second one to cover the ground so everything stays dry once it begins to pour.

Enjoy the water!

If it’s summer and you could cool off with the rain, embrace the weather! Go for a swim or just change into your swimsuit and enjoy feeling the raindrops hitting your body. Another option is to bring a rain poncho and use it. There’s no rule that you have to avoid the rain the entire time you are camping!

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