10 Smart Ways To Jump Start Detox

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Here are 10 smart ways to jump start detox, and cleanse the system. Detoxing is a great way to feel better, and clean out your system safely. Every day, our bodies are exposed to toxins. Water treatment chemicals, air pollutants, food preservatives, pharmaceuticals and harmful ingredients found in personal care products are just some of the many ways toxins make their way into our environment. Although the liver can get rid of toxins on its own, its detox functions sometimes become overwhelmed.

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Therefore, to boost the body’s ability to clean itself, it needs to receive the occasional helping hand from you. Health experts recommend doing a detox program at least once a year to help you avoid diseases that stem from the cumulative effects of toxin build-up in the body, but what is true cellular detox? A true detox can take some time and commitment, however, if you don’t want to complete a full detox program, here are 10 smart and effective ways to start detoxing right now.

Effective Ways to Jump Start Detox

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1. Avoid Processed Foods

Processed foods are common sources of toxins. They’re filled with preservatives and chemically enhanced ingredients that can cause health problems. Besides having plenty of toxic substances, processed foods are also very unhealthy because of their high-calorie content and they often contain dangerous trans fats. By avoiding processed foods or significantly reducing your consumption, you’ll instantly protect your body against the large amounts of toxins they contain.

2. Consume Less Alcohol

Alcohol is a toxin that many people consume daily. Apart from lowering mental focus and damaging your body’s cells and vital organs, alcohol is dehydrating since it’s a diuretic. When there is less water in your system, your body cannot flush out toxins effectively. Therefore, by drinking less alcohol you can boost your hydration levels, ensure that fewer harmful toxins enter your body and rapidly detox your body.

3. Cut Back On Caffeine

Caffeine is not harmful when consumed in moderation and can actually be beneficial. However, when consumed excessively, it has a toxic effect on your body and can negatively impact your energy levels, your mental clarity and even damage your body. To ensure that caffeine doesn’t harm your body, limit your intake to 300mg per day. This will allow you to enjoy all caffeine’s plus points while avoiding its dangers.

drinking a glass of water 4. Drink More Water

Water can help flush out toxins from your system in a natural way. Not only does drinking water help maintain ample fluid levels in your body but it also helps your organs to function properly, brightens your skin and boosts your digestive health. To enjoy the detox benefits of water, aim to drink at least eight glasses per day. If you find sticking to this difficult, try mixing up your water intake by drinking fruit infused water and herbal teas. Strawberry Detox Water is so delicious! 

5. Eat More Organic Foods

While organic food will not boost the speed or efficiency of your digestive system, it will prevent you from adding additional toxins to your system. Organic foods contain fewer harmful chemicals because they’re grown with natural fertilizers and pesticides. Conventional produce, on the other hand, is grown with synthetic insecticides and chemical fertilizers, all of which contain toxins that harm your body in the long run.

6. Have a Hot Bath With Epsom Salts

Hot baths are usually offered at spas as a detox treatment and can also be enjoyed at home. Exposing the skin to heated water induces perspiration, and as you sweat, your body will get rid of toxins. Adding Epsom salts to the hot bath enhances its detox properties as they contain sulfates that flush out toxins and heavy metals from your body’s cells. The Epsom salts also soothe pain, relax your nervous system and ease congestion.

basket of fruit and vegetables 7. Increase Your Intake Of Fruits & Vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables each day can help cleanse your body. For starters, these are natural foods that contain very little toxins and plenty of nutrients that support internal detoxing. Many fruits are also rich in antioxidants that eliminate free radicals from your body.

8. Move More

Being active is a simple but effective way to help your body get rid of toxins. Physical activity boosts circulation and makes you sweat which allows waste products to be removed from your body at a faster rate.

9. Spend More Time Outside

Stress is a harmful mental toxin that affects your mood, your energy levels and even causes physical damage to your body. Take time to stay outdoors to boost your mood and energy. 

10. Reduce Your Sugar Intake

Processed sugar may taste good but too much of a sweet thing can be harmful. Consuming lots of sugar can spike up your blood glucose levels and cause you to gain weight. It also increases your risk of developing diabetes, heart disease gum problems and certain types of cancer. When you cut back on processed sugars, you protect your body against all these negative symptoms.

These 10 suggestions allow you to quickly eliminate some of the major toxins in your life without sticking to a structured detox program. So give them a try and see how much better you feel once you’ve implemented these detox tips.

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