Most Expensive College Degrees

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College students throwing away their graduation caps

College is the precursor to everyone’s career and it all starts during or right after high school. You just have to choose a degree in a field that interests you. However, this isn’t always the easiest thing to do as some people may have difficulty trying to find the most suitable degree. This can be for a variety of reasons, but a common one is that it’s simply too expensive. There are a few degrees that have a higher cost attached to them, and this includes undergraduate programs. You really need to be sure you want to pursue the education if you’re willing to spend more. College is a financial and personal investment. In this article, we’ll be going over a few of the most expensive degrees you can get and how you can afford them.

Architectural Engineering

Architectural engineering is a degree that primarily focuses on constructing technology and other necessities within a building. Some may confuse this with architect degrees, which are solely focused on the design and construction of the building itself. The cost of an undergraduate’s program is around $65,000 to $80,000 while a graduate’s degree in the field can cost almost $180,000. Keep in mind, however, that this only a rough estimation and the costs can vary depending on the institution you go to.

In fact, the college and graduate schools you go to play a massive role in just about every degree available and some degrees are more expensive than usual. Because of this increased price, you’re going to want an easy and stress-free way to pay for it. The only way to finance higher-level educations without having to pay it back is to get a scholarship. A scholarship is primarily a federal financial award given to those who excel in their academic career. However, that’s not the only way to obtain a scholarship. You can easily get a scholarship by using one of many online search and application platforms. These platforms like Going Merry scholarships allow you to see if there is a match based on your financial and educational needs.

Law Degrees

Out of all the career fields, law is one where there really isn’t a cheaper alternative. To be fair, the only cheap law degrees are a Juris Doctor. You can expect to pay around $90,000 on average for the lowest education. A Doctor of Juridical Science is the highest level of law education you can get. Regardless of what you pursue, the costs are dependent on the law school you choose to attend. Each one has their own rates and tuition fees, so be sure to look around for one you can afford. But be sure to research the different sectors of law before you commit to a specific degree since they are connected. If you want to become a personal injury lawyer, that course of study is going to differ from that of an estate planning attorney.


Law may be an expensive field in general, but this one is probably the most expensive degree entirely. An anesthesiologist is a job where you’re mandated to have a doctorate’s degree. The job of an anesthesiologist itself involves safely administering anesthetics to patients who need it. It’s not an easy job and does, in fact, require the best candidates. The degree itself has an average cost of over $300,000 and that’s because it can take almost 15 years to complete. Depending on your chosen institution, you can spend as much as over $400,000 on this degree.

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