Simple & Fun Activities That Will Increase Your Child�s Math IQ

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Math is a complex subject and it can often seem like you are learning things that are not relevant in everyday life. However, the truth is math is important in every aspect of our daily lives, that’s why reputable establishments, such as this childcare liverpool spend so much time developing children’s math skills.

Naturally, many children find maths difficult and are keen not to do too much of it. The good news is that you can help them with their math and have fun at the same time. All you have to do is try some of the following activities and help to set your child up for life.

Counting Blocks

To get your children interested in math from a young age you need to make it fun. That means using counting blocks to recognize numbers and add two numbers together. Children often learn best through play. Instead of simply creating two piles of bricks and asking them to tell you how much is in both, make it more fun and more complicated.

It is more beneficial.

You can count the blocks, remove some, hide some, and even throw some around. The result is an increased ability to recognize numbers and add or subtract, that’s before your child is even at preschool.

Go Digital

Some parents try to ban digital technology from the home. However, the truth is that your child is going to live in an increasingly digital world. In short, they need to know how to use digital technology.

Instead of avoiding it, embrace it and encourage your children to solve puzzles online. This will benefit their math skills and other essential skills at school.

You’ll find an abundance of math puzzles online for your child’s age.

Chat To Their Teacher

The best way to see how your child’s math skills are developing is to chat to their teacher. They will give you an idea of what they are doing, how well your child is doing, and what exercises you can do at home to improve their abilities.

Board Games

Board games may seem old-fashioned but there is still a place for them in your home. Any game that uses two dice will encourage your child to add up. They also need to count to move spaces. These rudimentary math skills are the basis of all the more complicated ones. Simply playing with your child can boost their math IQ.

Try Music Lessons

Research shows that children that learn music generally have a higher IQ than other children. It’s not known exactly why this is but you can book your child in for music lessons. They are likely to enjoy them, may have a talent for it, and their IQ will improve. Music is also good for unwinding, which can be useful later in life.

Don’t forget that your child has limits. If they are tired or uninterested in the activity you are offering then give them a break and try something different or try again later. They learn and improve their IQ better when they are interested in what you are doing.

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