The 4 Most Common Types of Birth Injuries

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The birth of a little one is an important moment for parents that should be celebrated. However, a birth injury can dampen the happiness of this occasion, whether it be birth injuries to mother or baby, especially if the parents aren’t sure of what the injury is. It is important to know about birth injuries the common types, as early discovery provides a better chance at healing and recovery.

What is a birth injury?

A birth injury is any form of trauma caused to the infant before, during or immediately following childbirth. They are different from birth defects, as birth defects usually develop within the first three months of pregnancy while a birth injury usually occurs at the time of birth.

What causes a birth injury?

Birth injuries can be a result of genetics, accidents or medical negligence, with medical negligence referring to the doctors and nurses rushing the delivery or using the wrong medical procedures and equipment. If you suspect that the birth injury was avoidable, it is best consulting a birth injury lawyer to claim compensation to take care of your child. A newborn being injured is heart wrenching and claiming compensation can help with childcare.

What are the most common types of birth injuries?

There are a few birth injuries that are more common than others.

Brachial palsy: This injury occurs when there is difficulty delivering a baby’s shoulders. It damages the nerves that supply the arms and hands. Brachial palsy can affect the baby’s ability to flex and rotate their arms, but is temporary in most cases.

Fractures: Another injury caused by the trouble of delivering a baby’s shoulders is fracture of the collarbone, which is the most common.

Trauma from forceps and vacuum: The risk of an injury from the use of forceps or vacuum is low but there is still a chance of it leading to retinal hemorrhage and hematomas. The forceps can leave bruises that are usually temporary. A vacuum might bruise or cut the scalp.

Cerebral palsy: Cerebral palsy affects movement and muscle tone. It is the most common motor disability in children. It is difficult to know the exact cause of cerebral palsy, but medical negligence such as oxygen deprivation during birthing, brain injury due to forceps or vacuum, and others can be the cause of it. Unfortunately, cerebral palsy does not have a cure but, if detected early, there are treatments that help the child in the long run.


Giving birth can be overwhelming, but most parents usually have it planned out. A birth injury is an unexpected complication, however, and not being aware of its possibility can make the situation a lot more worrisome. The good news is that birth trauma has been decreasing over the years due to advancements in the medical field, but knowing what to look for when you suspect your newborn has been injured is vital. Being armed with this knowledge will make the road towards taking care of not only your child, but also your mental health, smoother.

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