The 7 Elements of an Amazing Outdoor Party

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Outdoor Party

With the spring season already here, it’s now as perfect a time as any to hold an outdoor party. Whether you are hosting a Fourth of July barbecue or celebrating a loved one’s birthday, an outdoor party provides a great avenue for socializing and building strong relationships.

There is a lot to consider when you’re planning an outdoor party that’s fun and memorable. It shouldn’t take forever to learn how to host one, but you still need to know the basic elements of an outdoor party and execute them well. Here’s what do you need to master in order to make your party stand out:

1. A solid plan

Any event requires ample time for preparation. Regardless of who you are planning to invite, you need to have a good idea of what the party should achieve. Will it be a simple get-together with family members? Are you throwing one to celebrate your daughter’s 18th birthday?

Whichever the case, you need to create a detailed plan that can help you put together a successful outdoor party. This will help you avoid making last-minute preparations that will cause you to stress out and make mistakes on the eve of the event. 

2. An enticing theme

If it’s going to be a formal party to celebrate someone’s engagement or birthday, consider coming up with a theme. With this in mind, it would be easier for you to find great ideas for activities and decorations.

If you are going for a pastel-themed party, consider getting your guests to wear their favorite pastel hues. In case it’s going to be a kid’s party, you can have everyone wear costumes that are related to the theme. Apart from that, you can also play around with the outdoor area to match the mood and aesthetic of the party.

3. A budget

You can make do with the money you have on hand if the party is a private affair such as a family reunion. If you are planning to invite more people over, then you may want to set aside a budget that’s big enough to make an enjoyable party. In case you don’t have enough to organize the party, consider getting other people to join you as co-hosts. They can contribute not just cash but also materials and equipment so you don’t have to shoulder all the costs.

If you are organizing a party for the whole neighborhood, consider getting sponsors. They may include small business owners and local professionals in your network. Reach out to them, pitch your plan, and ask if they are interested to contribute.

4. Decorations

With the theme in mind, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out how you are going to decorate the venue for the party. It’s still a challenge to know where to start. Considering the amount of money you can spend, you will have to adjust everything else just to have a little more elbow room for spending on decorations. Unless the party is a simple gathering, you may have to go over budget to decorate the outdoor space. Fortunately, you can always make do with DIY decorations made from recyclable materials. For instance, you can reuse wood from old furniture to create a makeshift stage. It’s also a good idea to cut up old rags and turn them into streamers.

5. Food

You can’t have a party without good food, so it’s important to take your time knowing what to serve your guests. You may have to decide between a buffet or a banquet depending on the kind of party you are throwing. If it’s a dinner party, you may have to finalize the menu weeks before the day of the event. You will need all the time to gather the ingredients for every course. If you don’t have the time to cook the food yourself, you might as well contact a caterer, although you may have to pay hefty service fees if you do.

On the other hand, an informal party doesn’t require spending on sophisticated dishes. You can settle for take-outs or have the food delivered on the same day. In case you’re planning an outdoor barbecue, you should order the meat at least a day before the party so it will remain fresh. Just make sure to add variety and provide options for guests who have allergies or are undertaking special diets.

6. The environment

Since you are holding the party outdoors, you need to realize that the event is at the mercy of elements that can put a damper on the occasion. Everything from a brief rain shower to traffic noises can keep your party from becoming successful. While you can’t stop most of these scenarios from happening, you should at least know what to do in any eventuality.

You can’t control the weather, but you need to come up with a plan B just in case the sky turns grey and unleashes a downpour. In that case, consider renting a canopy. It also comes in handy during hot weather. You might also need to set a time and date when there is less noise and fewer distractions. For instance, if you are planning a private get-together, you might want to schedule the party for the evening of a Sunday. That way, you can set the tone for an intimate occasion.

7. Music

When it comes down to entertaining your guests with music, it matters to know how you can appeal to everyone’s tastes. Some people may consider certain genres of music or certain party games offensive. Moreover, you will need to pick music that is relevant to the event.

During a Fourth of July barbecue, for instance, consider picking songs about freedom and patriotism. If it’s a kid’s party, look for upbeat tracks with age-appropriate lyrics. Apart from playing directly from a Spotify playlist, you can also get someone to play live music. Picking the right artist will help set the mood for the rest of the party.

Do you want to organize an outdoor party that’s guaranteed to blow your guests away? Keep these seven elements in mind for a memorable event.

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