Top 5 Celebrity Food Channels on YouTube

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Life without food is a book without meaning. Human beings from ancient times have been overly fascinated by food. Besides being the basic building block of human sustenance and survival, food has been often seen as a powerful instrument that brings different cultures and people together.

In Mr. George Bernard Shaw’s words, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”, which implies that we as human beings have an unsurmountable appetite for exotic cuisines, flavors, and textures, even more so than ourother primal andprimitive needs.

As our appetites and pallets assimilate different tastes,our senses start to trigger the pleasure centers of the brain. The sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing are all important but what leaves a lasting impact on the brain is our ability to visualize food. This is one of the key reasons for the ever-growing charm and appeal of cooking shows, programs, and vlogs.

Wondering, how are YouTube food vlogs different from mass productions? Let’s take a look:

Unlike most celebrity chef-focused TV shows that explore complex cuisines in an affluent and larger-than-life manner, YouTube vlogs are a great way to explore the world of cooking in a more grounded and practical fashion. These vlogs are not only entertaining, well-executed, and thought-provoking but also provide practical ways to execute the dishes we all love at home.

To simplify it, there are essentially two types of channels available on YouTube. A great majority of food-focused channels belong to prominent vloggers that travel around the world to explore the different shades and nuances of different cultures and cuisines. The second category is home or celebrity chefs that produce authentic food vlogs that are primarily focused on encouraging viewers to take the initiative and try cooking the same culinary delight at home.

Food Channels

A pro tip: To make the most out of these channels and to enjoy exotic delicacies in all their colors, hues, and artistic shades, YouTube’s 4K/Ultra HD is the best option. For a buffer-free and reliable experience one would require an internet speed of at least 50Mbps. Rescuing us from this predicament, Xfinity Internet provides one of the highest download speeds of 6Gbps acrossthe USfor an uninterrupted exploration of food to the minutest details.

Now without wasting any time, here is a list of the top 5 celebrity chefs on YouTube:

Gordon Ramsay

One of the few household names around the globe, Gordon Ramsay has been entertaining and rejoicing people with his artistic skills, grouchy humor, and fierce appetite for more than 20 years. As a multi-Michelin star holder with quite a temper, Mr. Ramsay holds great authority in the culinary world. For instance, if he says that something is awful then it is in fact awful.

His television appearances are often followed by profanity and sardonic insults at both food show contestants and restaurant owners but on his YouTube channel, we find another Gordon Ramsay – a child that first fell in love with the art of making delicious and homely food. An artist who got lost in the world of commercialization and is making his way back to the fundamentals of the culinary enterprise.

From his signature Beef Wellington,Coq au Vin, and Lobster Risottoto Yorkshire Pudding, Fish & Chips, the Gordon Ramsay Steak, this channel explores all that Gordon Ramsay has ever made in a simpler and more instructive manner.

CZN Burak

If you are into flamboyant productions that explore the many shades of Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisines in all its extremities then this channel is for you. BurakÖzdemir, more commonly known as ‘the smiling man’, is an internet sensation who got famous for his unique and absurd style of cooking.

With multi-platform celebrity collaborations with global icons, CZN Burak is famous for featuring celebs like Mariah Carey, Will Smith, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves, and Karim Benzema in his outrageous videos. These celebs can be often seen cooking and enjoying with him while he plates a platter almost close to the size of the moon. 

Wilderness Cooking

An internet sensation and a celebrity in his own right, Tavakkul, the owner of the channel, hails from the high-mountain village, Qamarvan, Azerbaijan. With lifetime views of more than one billion on a mere 328 videos, his channel is an unmissable rustic experience.

As the name implies, Wilderness Cooking provides the viewerwith a distinct countrysideexperience. Against breathtaking mountainous backdrops and landscapes, Tavakkul entertains us with his uniquecooking techniques while building entire cooking infrastructures in the wild from top to bottom.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver like Gordon Ramsay, holds a place of his own within culinary circles. A superstar in his own right known for his simplicity as well as his love for British cuisine and comfort food, Jamie delights you with short, brisk, and powerful videos.

Besides offering in-depth recipe tutorials and cooking tips, often focusing on classic dishes and culinary techniques; Jamie also shares healthy and flavorful recipesand cooking hacks, making his channel an informative channel for professionals and beginners alike.

Laura in the Kitchen

With asympatheticwarmth and effortless simplicity, Laura Vitale’s channel provides a mix of classic and modern recipesfor both beginner and experienced audiences.

A cooking channel to its core, Laura teaches us the simplest ways to make the best comfort food while recreating iconic dishes from the culinary world.

Wrapping Up,

The love for food is unending, limitless, and oftentimes relentless, so the next time hunger calls do give these channels a visit.

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