10 Channels For Kids To Watch YouTube Videos About Science

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Do your kids watch Youtube Videos on a regular basis?  If so, you won’t want to miss this list of the best Channels For Kids To Watch YouTube Videos About Science.

Watch Youtube Videos and learn about science at the same time! Check out these 10 Channels For Kids To Watch YouTube Videos About Science that you can trust

10 Channels For Kids To Watch YouTube Videos About Science

YouTube is such a wonderful source for educational videos. If your kids are visual learners, videos are a great way for them to comprehend what they’re learning. Here are some of the best YouTube channels to help your child improve their science skills.

Minute Physics: This channel is great for explaining science, especially when it comes to the solar system. You will find subjects like: What is gravity? Is it better to run or walk in the rain? Can we crash into the sun? It’s great for explaining science in the simplest, easiest to understand terms.  This is a favorite place to watch YouTube videos for those kids with lots of questions.

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Minute Earth: From the creator of Minute Physics, but everything you need to know about Mother Earth. Want to know where the Earth’s water came from? Why is all the sand the same? Why is it warmer underground? Even questions about humans like: Why are there more girls than boys? Videos on both Minute Earth and Minute Physics are cartoon style and the majority are 3-minutes or less so they’ll keep your kids attention.

SpanglerScienceTV: Steve Spangler offers a wealth of fun science facts, experiments, and more. He’s extremely entertaining and makes learning fun for kids of all ages. Most of his experiments need special equipment and safety precautions, so it is safer to just watch than try at home.

ScienceBob: performs all kinds of cool science experiments and he is a master at explaining how things work. These videos will keep your kids entertained for hours. Most of the experiments are safer to watch than try yourself, though.

National Geographic: The National Geographic channel covers videos about natural science and takes you on a journey around the world. Would you like to visit the largest cave in the world? No problem, you can do it right from the comfort of home. See how scientists are teaming up with puppies to find a cure for the Zika virus. Some videos may be scary for younger viewers, so parental discretion is advised.

If your kids love the science videos on this channel, make sure to invest in some of the amazing books they can read to go along with them! Below are some of my top picks.

Periodic Videos: is great for all things chemistry. This channel has videos about every element on the periodic table as well as fun chemistry experiments. New videos are posted weekly about news in the science world, exciting experiments and other stuff from the world of chemistry.

NASA: If your child loves space, this is the channel they’ll want to check out. You can see videos of the galaxy and outer space exploration as well as interviews with astronauts. You can even watch a hurricane from an outer space camera. New videos are added often.  This is definitely a favorite place to watch YouTube videos that are about what is happening in science right now.

DNews: This channel is all about science news and exploration from The Discovery Channel. Get answers to questions like: Can we mathematically prove that aliens exist? Or find the physics behind the perfect dive. There may be a few videos that are not kid-friendly, so parents should visit first. Plus, they add new videos every day so there’s always something new to see.

Watch YouTube Videos about Science

If your child loves science or needs to improve their science skills, YouTube is a perfect learning partner to help them out.  Allow them to watch Youtube videos from these channels freely to encourage their education and love of science.

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