5 Point Guide to Ordering a Bespoke Wedding Suit

A wedding suit is an important part of your big day ahead. A bespoke suit is generally preferred for an occasion as important as this. Bespoke suits are basically those which are made from scratch, just for you and to suit your requirements. This is not to be confused with a made to measure suit, which is built out of a pre - existent piece of cloth with minor adjustments. Bespoke suits are costly, they take time, but they are the best type of suit you could get yourself. If tailoring is an art … [Read more...]

Typical Confusions to Clarify before Buying Men’s Wedding Bands

If you have already chosen the right engagement ring and are currently busy with some grand wedding plans, you must not forget the apparently small business of choosing the perfect wedding band amidst all the fun, frenzy, and excitement of the upcoming wedding. Your wedding ring symbolizes your endless love and unflinching commitment towards your life partner. As a wedding band is an important piece of jewelry, it must be given its due importance and you must devote your valuable time and … [Read more...]

How to Dress Up Your Man This Winter

Sure, the summer has its perks – every day is filled with sunshine and you can hang out at the beach for hours – but the winter is the real unsung hero of the year. Why? Because of winter fashion, that is why. With cooler days and longer nights, you can get seriously creative. From expert layering to well-chosen accessories, the options are endless. But not everyone always knows what to do with their wardrobe once shorts and sandals are taken off the table, and if you are reading this right … [Read more...]

The Beard Trend: Is It Right For You?

In the 70's, beards represented rebellion, free thinking, spirituality and they were indeed a sexy addition to a man's face. Then came the 80's when men wearing makeup made ladies hot under the collar and a beard would have only detracted from the immaculate eye makeup. And of course let's not forget the 90's when clean shaved, smooth as a babies bum boy band faces were the only thing to wet anybody’s whistle. The noughties were quite the same, although the odd bit of rebellious stubble was … [Read more...]

Helpful Tips For Selecting Wedding Bands For Men

For selecting the right wedding band for the groom, a huge amount of thought and time is required. Here are some helpful tips that can guide you in the selection of the perfect wedding band. Know About The Personality Of The Groom: The personality of the groom can be highlighted through the ring. If the adjectives that fit the groom, exactly fit with the wedding band, it can be considered as the perfect selection. For example, if the groom is exciting and bold, you can choose colors, such as … [Read more...]