6 Unbelievable Drinking Myths: Find What’s Good!

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Alcohol, wine, whiskey, and boozy liquor – do wonders to our bodies. Some of them might be good, while others can be considered pitfalls. However, we aren’t here to discuss that today. Instead, we will explore the world of drinking tales, rituals, and myths. Few of them may seem credible as compared to others, but one thing is certain, they all are quite interesting. So, now without further ado, let’s dive right into some crazy drinking myths that are surely going to satisfy your thirst.

Disclaimer: Hold your breath and start taking notes! Because these myths are surely going to make your coming Friday night drinking session a little more interesting.

Coffee and Alcohol: The Perfect Pair for Sobering Up?


If there has to be one silly drinking myth you need to stop believing now, this has to be it. Yes! Mixing caffeine and alcohol may seem like a cool idea, but it really is not. Because it can’t help you out in sobering quick. Instead, the BBC’s research on this myth clearly explains the sudden rush of energy from caffeine is what makes them alert. To which they believe their great combo is counteracting their tiredness.

However, you may still hear people saying it totally works for them. Still, no research backs up this claim. So, stop wasting your precious beans on such weird mixing and try some flavourful ways to sip on coffee.

Want to Get Drunk? Gulp Down Every Liquor You See!

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You read somewhere online that mixing up several drinks can make you drunk real hard. And, here you are now searching up the query best liquor store near me to order everything you see. Of course, it can be a great idea to have all the booze around for your DIY home bar, but if you are putting out the effort just to get drunk. But, then, sorry to break it to you, this is actually a silly myth that some of the alcohol lovers might have come up with while drinking.

You can only get drunk depending on how well you can hold your liquor. Or, to be precise, how much alcohol content you are consuming. Also, it doesn’t matter which variety of drink you add first as long as it doesn’t have much alcohol in it.

Cheap Wine? No Thanks. I Don’t Want to Get Sick!


Literally, that’s the last thing you should be worrying about while drinking. Yes! Cheap wines aren’t always the ones that give you bad hangovers and headaches. No research or experiments explain only inexpensive wine is the sole reason for your sick feeling the next day.

Instead, any drink, when consumed in high quantity, can make you feel nauseous. The main culprit is sugar which is supposedly higher in cheap wines. However, you may also get the same amount in your favorite expensive wine bottle too. So, claiming that cheap wines make you sick just because of their budget-friendly price is a straight-up lie.

Alcohol Makes You Funnier!

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The saying ‘everything seems funnier when you’re drunk’ seems like a joke, but it actually is somewhat true. The high alcohol levels in the blood lower the inhibitions, which makes people laugh. In fact, the Atlantic explained in their experiment that as the audience got drunk, they found the gags to be hilarious.

Alcohol changes how a person behaves. Some may become talkative, while others start cracking jokes. Yes, and it can really be visible even after just two or three drinks. However, it’s not your fake personality but a gem that’s hidden under your sober self. So, next time you need something to jazz up the environment, just gulp down your favorite cocktail spirit and spread the laughter in the crowd.

Beer Before Liquor, Never Been Sicker!


You must have seen it all over the internet and heard it in every boozy party you have attended. In fact, you might always remind you of this every time you mistakenly ordered a Stella before Manhattan. But, is there any truth to it? Of course, not! Even if you gulp down few glasses before actually starting on your tequila shots. You still aren’t guaranteed to stay sober or get heavily drunk.

Yes, there’s no promise that you won’t be puking your guts out after all that hard drinking. Nor is there a chance you’ll be able to walk straight after your little party session. However, if all that beer and shots have a mild alcohol amount, you never know. After all, in the end, and it really depends on the alcohol in your system. And, according to NCBI, it is the hangover that actually makes you sick the next morning.

Cold Shower and Energy Shots Cure Hangovers!

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It’s Complicated!

No matter how much you want this to be true but sadly, it really isn’t. Bloody Marys, sweet water, pickle juice, energy shots, and cold showers are not going to relieve you entirely from the death grip of the hangover. Yes, according to a forum discussion, a cold shower followed by a hot shower may make you alert and improve your blood circulation. But, no, it won’t necessarily remove alcohol from your system.

Likewise, your personal ‘how to deal with alcohol hangover’ notes are not also going to work. However, there might be some working hangover-curing tips that may actually help you in such bad and sad situations.

Bottom Line

Wine and alcohol make everything funnier and enjoyable. And, knowing a thing or two more about your booze won’t hurt, right? In fact, finding more about your wine type and alcohol can increase your experience twofold. It can also be a fun game when you do it with your friends. But don’t forget to bust a silly drinking myth next time someone tries to claim something to be true, which you clearly know isn’t. Moreover, if you are interested in reading more about such unique content, do visit our blog.

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