9 Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon-Ginger Honey Tea

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The concept of lemon and ginger together is comforting and highly therapeutic. From the benefits of Vitamin C from the lemon to the nutrients in ginger that aid digestion and relieve discomfort in the GI tract, lemon and ginger honey tea do much more than you realize.

Not only is it great before bed, but sipping on the drink throughout the day is undoubtedly going to alleviate common complaints of sore throat, headache, etc. This herbal tonic is excellent for the body and your physiological functioning.

If you have been curious about the health benefits of drinking lemon ginger honey tea, this article will explore it in detail.

1. It Alleviates Complaints of Indigestion

If you are someone who, time and time, complains about indigestion or feeling uncomfortable after eating, this herbal drink is the perfect rescue. The benefits are pretty instant, too, which is always great.

The ginger has natural properties that expedite and streamline the digestion and emptying of the stomach. Also, an active compound in lemon is called limonene, which helps with the digestion process, too.

Hence, drinking ginger lemon and honey tea right before bed not only aids with your sleep but reduces the risks of indigestion as well.

2. It Reduces Nausea

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Nausea is one of those unwarranted symptoms that no one wants to experience, irrespective of the status of their health. It is debilitating, uncomfortable, and affects one’s quality of life.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy, nausea is one of the most prevalent side effects. Some women also experience nausea when they are on their period.

Drinking lemon, ginger, and honey tea has been found beneficial in slowing down the symptoms effectively. This is an excellent option for individuals who don’t want to rely on anti-nausea medication and want to opt for a more natural route of healing.

3. It Promotes Weight Loss

If you have been trying to eat mindfully, in a calorie deficit, and boost your body’s metabolism to lose weight, drinking lemon-ginger tea can be a good option. In cases of weight loss, we’d recommend skipping out on the honey for now.

Some studies showcase the benefits of ginger water in helping with weight loss. It reduces the tendency of the body to gain fat and weight, which tends to affect one’s overall well-being in the long run.

For people often inclined towards beverages throughout the day, it’s ideal that you swap your sugary and carbonated drinks with this herbal tonic. Some studies also indicate that tea helps people achieve satiety earlier when eating, preventing overeating.

4. It Optimizes Immune System

Our body’s immune system is like those warriors that protect and shield us against diseases, infections, etc. Ensuring that you are safeguarding your immunity with the proper measures is thus crucial, and adding lemon, ginger, and honey tea to your diet can be a good choice.

Lemon is enriched with Vitamin C and antioxidants, which reduce risks of oxidative stress in the body and boost one’s immunity.

Additionally, gingerol, which is an active compound in ginger, has proven antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties, both of which are promising in keeping your health in the best condition. Furthermore, honey has antimicrobial properties, shielding you against infections or similar diseases.

5. It Helps Manage Cold and Flu

When talking about the benefits of lemon-ginger and honey tea, its direct influence in managing colds and flu deserves mention at the top.

We have grown up hearing that if you have a cold or flu, sipping on this herbal drink not only brings relief but also helps with the recovery process. The reasons why it works are similar to why this drink boosts our immunity.

The antioxidative, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties of this herbal drink support the body’s immune system and strengthen it to fight against the infection that’s probably contributing to the cold and flu. The honey in the drink also soothes the throat if you have a sore or scratchy throat.

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6. It Might Lower the Risks of Heart Disease

This might come off as surprising, but certain studies do indicate the benefits of lemon-ginger and honey tea in optimizing cardiovascular health.

You must be wondering, “How will tea ensure that my heart functions properly?” Well, lemon is rich in Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant that promotes blood circulation and keeps the heart function in check. Reduced oxidative stress in the body also prevents risks of heart attacks and other heart-related complications.

The role of ginger is that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-platelet activity, which not only keeps the blood circulation in check but also prevents risks of fat deposition and accumulation, a leading cause behind atherosclerosis.

Also, when you switch from your sugary drinks to a healthier herbal drink like ginger-lemon and honey tea, it has overall improved impacts on your health, too.

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7. It Might Help with Pain Relief

Few believe this, but studies indicate that drinking lemon, ginger, and honey tea can help manage pain. This is especially true for people who are suffering from chronic pain and complications.

The herbal team contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, a critical factor that helps with pain relief and comfort. This is particularly effective for people struggling with arthritis and individuals struggling with headaches.

Also, sipping on this herbal tea can reduce muscle cramps caused by menstrual pain or after a heavy workout session.

8. It has Potential Cancer-fighting Properties

Now, this is where you need to tread the benefits with caution. There are a handful of studies that correlate the benefits of lemon-ginger and honey tea with potential cancer-fighting properties. This doesn’t mean that drinking this tea will ward away cancer altogether.

That said, the antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties of this herbal tea reduce oxidative stress, which is one of the leading causes of cell mutation that causes cancer in the body.

So, instead of drinking beverages that are high in sugar and caffeine and are known for their cancer-forming properties, switching to herbal tea with lemon, ginger, and honey can be a better choice. Some studies indicate that drinking lemon honey and ginger tea might reduce the risks of gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.

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9. It Improves Oral and Dental Care Too

Last on the list of benefits of lemon-ginger and honey tea is for your teeth and oral cavity. If you struggle with bleeding gums, pain in the gums, or plaque buildup on the teeth, drinking this herbal tea might help.

Ginger and honey both have potent antimicrobial properties, which can reduce the risks of oral infections. This often occurs due to residual food in the oral cavity, which decays, and the bacteria grows there.

Drinking lemon-ginger and honey tea can reduce plaque build-up, keep the gums healthy, and reduce risks of gingivitis and oral cancer.

How to Make Lemon-Ginger and Honey Tea?

Since the concept of lemon-ginger and honey tea is so popular, you’ll quickly find premade tea bags. However, we’d recommend making yourself a cup of this herbal tea from scratch. The ingredients are simple, and so is causing it.

  • Start by taking a saucepan and filling it with three cups of water. Let the water come to a boil.
  • To that, add one inch of peeled ginger and one slice of lemon. For better results, either crush or grate the ginger into the boiling water.
  • Once it has been boiling for 5-7 minutes and the water has reduced, add lemon juice and turn off the heat.
  • Let the tea cool down completely, then strain it into a cup.
  • Add honey to the mix and drink it according to your liking. If you want the drink hot, heat it for a few minutes.


Drinking lemon-ginger and honey tea is an effective way to optimize your well-being and reduce the risks of gum diseases and other complications that many individuals often complain about. From preventing indigestion to keeping your weight in check, this herbal concoction can do a lot more than you can anticipate for your body.

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